I have not been a librarian for very long but I’ve learned one thing very quickly: the librarians of the South Central Chapter (SCC) of MLA know how to relax and have fun! And tonight’s Armadillo Ball was no exception. Good hors d’oeuvres, open bar, and a fabulous view of the beach were all very invigorating after a long day at the conference. I got reacquainted with Dr. Michelynn McKnight, who was the first one to teach me about evidence-based medicine. Her advice about life: start over every day! I also met two librarians who tried to help me decide between Egypt and Thailand as good vacation spots for next year. I then caught up with Karen Vargas whose library I first volunteered at before starting library school. She used to have me box up books for the big book sale. She was surprised I stayed put after such torture! I also chatted with Bryan Gottsman, the representative from EBSCOhost. Meeting reps who are truly passionate about their products is always so refreshing.

So all in all, it was great night spent chatting with colleagues from the SCC/MLA chapter. You guys truly rock!

Shamsha Damani

P.S. I didn’t bring my camera so for those of you who took pictures, please share them!