I just wanted to highlight some of the projects/insights from the NLM Update.  Dr. Lindbergh spent some time talking about clinicaltrials.gov, its history, and some of the changes that may be coming.  An interesting tidbit is that patients are the largest group of people who use ct.gov, which may have implications for librarians role in promoting ct.gov within a consumer health audience.

Stacy Arenson shared about the new Disaster Information project from NLM.  She explained how the military (Naval Medical Center Hospital), federal (NIH’s Clinical Center), and civilian (Suburban Hospital) hospitals are coordinating efforts in case of disaster.  Steps taken include: digital pens w/special paper to capture information electronically, protocols for tranferring patients to a non-trauma hospitals (NIH’s Clinical Center) to make room for trauma patients, and lasers on top of hospitals to communicate with each other in case other communications go down.

Sheldon Kotzin talked about NLM/s newish online journal donation program for libraries to check about donating journals they are getting rid of to NLM.  He also highlighted the online Images from the History of Medicine Collection; the images are also listed in LocatorPlus.

Of significant personal interest are online seminars from NCBI–hopefully as a replacement for the excellent NCBI classes that have previously been conducted, and were cut last year due to lack of funding.  I eagerly await the development of these seminars and commend NLM for finding another venue for training on this important resource.