A belated MLA 2010 post: In the NLM Theater this year, Bart Trawick of NCBI/NLM spoke about using My Bibliography (part of MyNCBI) to manage NIH Public Access Compliance. Individuals can use My Bibliography to create a list of publications, including journal articles, book chapters, meeting abstracts, and others, with a feature to add citations directly from PubMed or add additional citations manually.

The system then includes Awards view which allows users to track whether they are compliant with public access policies. For example, if the system detects a PMCID, it is automatically marked as compliant because it has been deposited in PubMed Central. It also detects when an item was published prior to the policy becoming mandatory, and is automatically marked as not applicable. Specific grants can also be associated with publications, and there is a compliance Wizard tool to help users along.

Right now, though, the Awards view of My Bibliography is available only to those with an associated eRA Commons login. In the near future (next week, according to Bart), this feature will expand, allowing users to associate logins from Google, Yahoo, NIH, publishers and certain universities with the tools (some of these login options are visible now). Users can also designate a delegate to manage this list of citations.

I had a couple of questions for Bart, including whether a person could be a delegate to an unlimited number of users, which is the case. Additionally, it is possible to make Bibliographies private or public, and to grab a snippet of HTML code which allows the bibliography to be embedded in a website and will automatically update with the bibliography is updated (go to Edit My Bibliography, choose Public, and then copy/paste the code to do this).

The NLM Technical Bulletin from January includes a lot of the information and screenshots, including the red/yellow/green color scheme which visually cues users about whether each citation is compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy. Video of the slides with audio (and captions) of Bart’s presentation is available at https://webmeeting.nih.gov/p99612940/ [additional session recordings on other NLM/NCBI products are available at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/dist_edu.html#mla]