Yesterday I sat in on the AHIP Question and Answer Session where they ran through the process of applying for AHIP and best ideas for a successful and (relatively) pain free application process. 

  • Save all documentation, a good way to do this is to buy a three ring binder and section tabs, as soon as you get documentated proof of your work (journal article, thank you letter, CE certificate) put it in the binder in the correct section. 
  • Start early on this process.  It is much easier if you collect this information from the beginning (like having it a binder) instead of hunting down and trying to find the documentation from years past.
  • Know the number of points you need for your AHIP membership level and submit more points than necessary as a little bit of cushion
  • Mail your submission towards the end of the month not the beginning because all submissions are sent out to reviewers once on the first of the month. 
  • Main difference between Provisional Membership and the other membership levels is that you get a mentor when you are a Provisional Member.

Don’t forget to check the AHIP pages on the MLA website for more information and if you have questions you can always email them.


Actual AHIP Portfolio Which is Good Example of a Submitted Portfolio