Over the past few years, the MLA annual meeting has utilized an increasing number of online social networking tools to help participants interact with both one another and with the conference content.  In the spirit of this year’s theme of “Reflect and Connect,” this year’s meeting website will feature the Conference Community portal.

The primary goal of the Conference Community is to enable connections and communication between conference participants—even those who cannot physically attend the meeting.

The Conference Community will pull together many familiar tools, such as this blog and the conference wiki. The Conference Community will include multiple communication methods via “channels” and “backchannels” that provide an opportunity for to explore and play with various emerging communication tools within the context of the conference.

Everyone, including those who are not registered for the meeting, can use the Conference Community to connect with others using the various conference-oriented social networking tools.

The Conference Community will also serve as the primary location for conference content, such as videos recorded by members and materials provided by the meeting’s keynote presenter, Daniel Pink. All paid conference registrants will have full access to all the content hosted on the Conference Community site. For those unable to attend the conference in person, simply register for Conference Package D: e-Conference ($100) to obtain full access to the Conference Community content of streaming video, continuing education, and more!

Keep an eye on the annual meeting website and this blog for updates!