Check in with Foursquare

Into checking in? This year try checking in at MLA with the location based application Foursquare. Like Gowalla, Foursquare allows users to check into locations they visit. Using a free application, available for mobile devices and some internet browsers you can check in at locations you visit. Users who check in often receive awards in the form of points and virtual badges from Foursquare. For instance, users who check into five airports earn the jetsetter badge. Fun theme badges also exist, try checking in at a maritime location and earn the “I’m on a boat” badge. You can earn badges for first time uses as well as visiting popular locations.

Additionally, users who check into the same location frequently can become the mayor, the person who has checked in the most, of the location. Being the mayor is actually a competitive process, try to oust someone by checking in more frequently to become the mayor.

Other useful features of Foursquare include the ability to add tips to locations. Try checking in to restaurants in and around Minneapolis and leave tips for your fellow MLA attendees. You can become friends with people you know and exchange tips through Foursquare. Help your fellow medical librarians out by telling them what you like and what to do around the city. Additionally Foursquare relies upon users add and update locations. If the location you are visiting is not in Foursquare yet, add it or modify a location if there is an error.

Foursquare is free to sign up for and can be tied to other accounts including Twitter and Gowalla. Sign up and create an account online for free to begin connecting with other Foursquare users at MLA.

Look for Foursquare check in opportunities this year at MLA. Try to become the mayor of the conference or even the exhibit all. Visit often and check in when you do. The Conference Community team has already set up check in points for MLA 2011 Annual Meeting ReThink and the MLA 2011 Exhibit Hall.

Be sure to attend the invitation to MLA 2012 for a special geo location prize announcement. NPC members will be checking on who is checking in and award prizes to the mayor of the conference and the mayor of the exhibit hall.

Don’t stop checking in after MLA. Keep checking in and leaving those tips when you get home or travel abroad. Leave tips, earn more badges and be ready when Foursquare pops up at another conference.

To learn more about Foursquare watch the How to Unlock Your World with Foursquare video.