There are always numerous opportunities during MLA week for you to catch up on the National Library of Medicine’s latest projects. Unless you are a serious NLM groupie, though, you probably don’t need to go to every session. Here’s what’s happening and when.

NLM Theater

Located in the exhibit hall, NLM Theater is a great place to rest your feet and listen to some brief but detailed presentations by NLM librarians. Here’s the full schedule. Yesterday, I caught the tail end of a presentation by Bart Trawick about the MyNCBI redesign, a video presentation about comparative effectiveness research by Ione Auston of NICSHR (more about this in a separate post), and a presentation about UMLS and RxNorm by Patrick McLaughlin. These presentations are being repeated today and tomorrow. There’s no popcorn, but there are prizes at the end of every session!

NLM Online Users’ Meeting

OK, so I’m a bit late with this post. The NLM Online Users’ Meeting took place this morning at 7am. If you missed it, I hope you at least enjoyed an extra few minutes of sleep!

(An aside: I’m sure it’s been called the Online Users Meeting for years, but I though T. Scott Plutchak made am excellent point in the Doe lecture today when he questioned the sense of setting aside a single position and calling it Electronic Resources Librarian. We’re all Electronic Resources Librarians, and by the same token we’re all NLM Online Users by now. Language matters!)

Anyway, the NLM Online Users’ Meeting (or whatever they decide to call it in the future) is the place to be if you want an overview NLM projects from the past year. It’s a great place to ask questions because many NLM and NN/LM staff are in attendance. At this year’s meeting,  David Gillikin presented on the following topics:

Loren Frant talked about:

  • The latest additions to MedlinePlus, including anatomy videos from A.D.A.M.
  • The new MedlinePlus web service, which developers can use to repurpose MedlinePlus data into different interfaces.
  • MedlinePlus Connect – for linking relevant patient health information to electronic health records.

If you’d like more information on any of the above bullet points, let me or the staff at the NLM exhibit booth know. I’ll add hyperlinks later today.  Added!

NLM Update

This takes place tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 10:30am. I’m expecting to see several of the same highlights slides that were presented in the Theater and at Users Group, but the NLM Update tends to be more of a celebration of everything NLM does to improve health information access around the world, which is quite a lot when you stop to think about it! See you there?