All Good Things Come to an End

(Due to a combination of technical issues and travel plans, this post is very late.)

Guitar Tower

Guitar tower at the Experience Music Project

The conference wrapped up Tuesday night with the closing reception at the Experience Music Project (EMP).

The EMP was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and is housed in a Frank Gehry-designed building that is symbolizes the fluidity and energy of music.  It is a very unique building that is very difficult to capture in pictures. Continue reading

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Top Technology Trends

Sorry for the delay.  Here are links and updates on what happened with this year’s Top Tech Trends.   Special thanks to Michelle Kraft for moderating and to Nikki Dettmar for being our Twitter Jockey. You can find Nikki’s posts under the hashtag #mlattt

Gabe Rios and Google+
Our first speaker was Gabe Rios who is the deputy director at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences. Gabe has worked with emerging technologies such as PDAs, iPods, smartphones, and social media services beginning in the late 90s.  He has co-taught technology-related classes at regional and national meetings. Gabe has served as a member of the MLA Social Networking Software Taskforce (now the MLA Technology Advisory Committee) and local technology-related groups such as Social Media Club of Birmingham and the Internet Professional Society of Alabama. Gabe continues his support of emerging technologies by facilitating the use of technology to meet users where they are. Continue reading

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Farewell Seattle!

This post comes a little late, as my computer’s battery died and the charger wasn’t working properly.  Nonetheless, your intrepid rookie blogger is reporting from back home in Los Angeles.  I attended Kristi Holmes and Cathy Sarli’s great CE on Clinical and Translational Science yesterday, but since one of my fellow bloggers has covered that, I’ll leave you with some final reflections.

I enjoyed this meeting and got way more out of it than I expected.  I’ve been to non-library conferences before and they were nowhere near as great as this!  Mostly I think it’s because librarians are just a different kind of people – curious, open to learning new things, friendly, and genuinely helpful.  In any case, going to the paper sessions, looking at posters, and attending CE has left me with a million ideas circling my head.  I try to stay abreast of what goes on other places by reading voraciously, but there’s nothing like actually talking to people about what they’re working on. Continue reading

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Last CE Learning

Earlier today I participated in one of the final CE courses, Forging a Path for Translational Science Support at Your Institution: A Roadmap for Success. Translational science is “bench to bedside” research. This is accomplished through interdisciplinary teams working together.

The four T’s describe the different ‘steps’ with translational science. T1 covers research concerning the basic science to human studies; this starts from laboratory findings and applies it to clinical practice. T2 investigates clinical practice to develop evidence based guidelines for patient care. T3 builds upon T2 by moving the evidence based guidelines into everyday health practice. Finally, T4 researches health outcomes and their impact on entire populations. Continue reading

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Look At All Those Socks!

Thanks to all of you, the Relevant Issues Section Service Project was a huge success! We collected underwear (75 pairs for women, 13 pairs for kids, and 19 pairs for men), socks (70 pairs for women, 6 pairs for kids, and 82 pairs for men), and a huge bag of toiletries, in addition to some cash donations.

Thanks for making it work! Items will be delivered to the Pioneer Square Clinic on Thursday.

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Where is the best health care system in the world?

Certainly not in the United States, as many attendees concluded after listening to T.R. Reid’s presentation in Plenary Session IV. The Washington Post reporter and National Public Radio commentator introduced us to facts about the United States health care system, then went on to present the pros and cons of other systems.

A common feature in other advanced, high-tech democracies is that the same health care system applies to every citizen. In the US, the richest country in the world, 49.4 millions Americans don’t have health insurance, and Reid called this a “lethal condition”, as 22,000 die each year of treatable diseases. Even if they survive a life-threatening condition, 800,000 Americans face bankruptcy every year, while at the same time the finest care is reserved for congressmen. Reid stated that “Americans need to change their rotten, unfair and unequitable health system”. Continue reading

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One last post…

As MLA 2012 comes to an end today, I’d like to say thanks for the opportunity to be one of your official Hall of Fame meeting bloggers. It has been a fun experience and I’d recommend giving it a shot next year if you are so inclined.

On that note, don’t forget to do your meeting evaluation which, I believe, will available online instead of the old school paper evaluation. Another thing that has changed since my first meeting here in Seattle back in 1997.

Hoping to see you all again in Boston!


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Top 10 Takeaways

Before we left our work and homes for MLA12 in Seattle, I suggested 10 items not to forget as you pack. I close my MLA12 blogging with a list of 10 items I hope you are not forgetting to take home with you from Seattle.
1. Immediate action items generated from presentations you saw, posters you stopped by, tips from the exhibitors and hallway conversations with colleagues.
2. Business cards of new significant people.
3. New Association responsibilities.
4. Knowing the “wording” of our profession centers around research, management, technology and environment.
5. Knowing our Association will move ahead driven by positive energy.
6. All the belongings you came with, plus gifts purchased at the MLA Scholarship booth and stores in Seattle.
7. Confirmation that it drizzles in Seattle almost all the time.
8. Confirmation that fish are still flying in the Pike Place Fish Market and teamwork is still catching them.
9. Knowing what your close friend’s kids and spouses are up to.
10. Eagerness to continue attending MLA’s Annual Meeting.
Safe travels home. See you in Boston.

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Link Roundup

One of the great things about MLA is the networking and conversational asides that happen in the halls. I just wanted to share a short list of useful links which Margaret Vugrin shared with me after my paper presentation this afternoon.

Puffin Browser: plays flash on the iPad. (The folks at Stat!Ref use this to play on the iPad) $2.99 via iTunes

Bamboo Paper: drawing and note-taking app for the iPad. Review from

Penultimate: another stylus/note-taking app Photo album/stationery/scrapbooking generator. Margaret had the cutest flip book of her grandson from them! For when you want to share photos with your MLA colleagues the old school way.

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It’s the bottom of the ninth…

and Seattle has hit a home run as the host city for MLA12!! Thanks to all of those responsible for organizing and planning this great meeting! The programming was spot on, focusing on how we have begun to reinvent ourselves to promote the sustainability of our profession. It was a joy to see so many colleagues and friends, and really helpful to be able to spend time with so many attentive vendors.

Blogging MLA12 has given me the opportunity not to just attend sessions but to really think about what I have seen and heard. Those of you who are thinking about blogging a future meeting should jump at the chance!! Thank you for following all of our posts!!

So tomorrow, for me, the game is over, and it’s back to Los Angeles – but not without fond memories of salted caramel ice cream, jumbo shrimp cocktail, lots of coffee, a trip to the amazing Chihuly Glass Garden and Exhibit at the Seattle Center, and dreams of MLA13 in Boston!!! Hope to see you there!!!

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