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Sorry for the delay.  Here are links and updates on what happened with this year’s Top Tech Trends.   Special thanks to Michelle Kraft for moderating and to Nikki Dettmar for being our Twitter Jockey. You can find Nikki’s posts under the hashtag #mlattt

Gabe Rios and Google+

Our first speaker was Gabe Rios who is the deputy director at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences. Gabe has worked with emerging technologies such as PDAs, iPods, smartphones, and social media services beginning in the late 90s.  He has co-taught technology-related classes at regional and national meetings. Gabe has served as a member of the MLA Social Networking Software Taskforce (now the MLA Technology Advisory Committee) and local technology-related groups such as Social Media Club of Birmingham and the Internet Professional Society of Alabama. Gabe continues his support of emerging technologies by facilitating the use of technology to meet users where they are.

Gabe spoke to us about Google+ (he assures us that it’s still around even if we haven’t checked it out since last Spring). What is Google+? Here’s a nice video that talks about what it is and what it does.

One of our MLA speakers, Steven Johnson mentioned the Filter Bubbles Proposed byEli Pariser -

Here are some more links from Steven Johnson himself about filter bubbles.,28804,2058946_2058939_2058930,00.html!/stevenbjohnson

Are you excited yet? Well, here are some tutorials to get you started.

Google+ how to’s -

Big redesign in April -

One cool thing about Google+ is their hangouts. It’s like Skype only can video chat with several people at once for free.

Sarah Hill transforming traditional broadcasting -

G+ opinions:

Emily Hurst and Tumblr

Emily Hurst is the Technology Coordinator at the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region located at the TMC Library in Houston, Texas. Emily develops classes on emerging technologies as well as answers technology related questions for Regional members. She is an advocate for learning technologies and enjoys training others. She is active on twitter, you can reach her at @hurstej. In her spare time she enjoys visiting National Parks and plans to see Mt. Rainier before she leaves Washington.

Emily talked to us about Tumblr. It’s sort of a hybrid between blogging and Facebook.  Basically, it’s in a layout similar to a blog, but it has all sorts of sharing features like those you’d see on Facebook. One of it’s only drawbacks is that it’s not really set up for commenting.

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