MLA Receptions: The Playbook

MLA’s Welcome Reception….er should I say MLA’s Opening Day will be Saturday May 19th from 5:30-7:30 and we are going to have a great time.  It truly will be like Opening Day at the ballpark.  We are encouraging everyone to bring a jersey from their favorite team and wear it to the reception.  If you don’t have a jersey or you don’t have a favorite team (you just love them all) you can always show your Team MLA colors by buying an MLA 2012 jersey (as modeled by me below) at the MLA Scholarship Booth.


There will be food and drink typical of opening day at the ballpark. The Mariner Moose will be there to open things up with the first pitch and he will be around shortly after the first pitch for pictures.  We will also have ability for you to take Opening Day ”team photos.” I don’t know the details exactly but from what I understand there will be a blue screen and photographer and groups of people can get together to have their pictures taken with their “team(s)” to take home.

Members say that one of the main reasons they attend MLA’s Annual Meeting is for the opportunity to network.  Often people stay within their little comfort groups and don’t always mingle getting to know others.  Having a fun, open, laid back event like Opening Day provides the opportunity for people to let their hair down and meet others.

At the Opening Day reception I will be there wearing my powder blue 1982 St. Louis Cardinals Ozzie Smith jersey. During the meeting I often will be wearing my MLA jersey with my last name on the back, stop me and say hi.


With every beginning comes an end.  Unfortunately we will have to have an end to MLA’12.  But in true MLA fashion there is another party.  President Jerry Perry briefly wrote about the MLA Reception (Tuesday May 22 from 7:30-10:00pm) at the Experience Music Project (EMP).  According to Jerry, “the EMP will feature a new exhibit on the classic hard rock band AC/DC (“dirty deeds done dirt cheap!”), an ongoing exhibit on the iconic Pacific Northwest grunge band Nirvana, and a display of artifacts and props used in the popular, game-changing film, Avatar.  Geeks and freaks and regular folks alike will enjoy the many, highly-interactive displays and activities throughout the unusual Frank Gehry-designed building.”

Finally, if any of you have been following my Facebook page, you will note that I posted that I had a nightmare one night that the MLA Annual Meeting would be an ice show that I had to co-produce.  I am sorry to inform you that there will be no ice show, I will not be skating, and I will not be wearing any of those ice show costumes.  But I do hope this year’s meeting will be fun, engaging, interesting, and provide you with a great opportunity to meet and learn from other librarians.  I hope to see you there.

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