Online Program Planner

Many of us have marked up the schedule grid on pg 5 in the MLA preliminary program beyond all recognition.  Good news is the annual meeting’s Online Program Planner is now available so you can turn those chicken scratches on paper into something resembling a plan.  You can find the link to the Online Program Planner on the MLA Events page and the Conference Community page.

Last year people were frustrated that they couldn’t add their own personal plans and activities to the program planner.  While this feature isn’t live yet, it will be available shortly.   But you can still add the official MLA events in the planner and when the ability to add your personal items becomes available you can then add them as well.

To get started all you need to is your email (the one you used for registration) and your badge number (located on the registration confirmation email).   You can save your itenerary as an Excel file, Word file, import to desktop calendar, view on mobile device, or email it.

If you use Google Calendar as much as I do and you want to import your itinerary to Google Calendare then click on the import to desktop calendar icon, name the file and save it as an iCalendar file.  The follow these instructions to import to Google Calendar.  If you use Outlook then follow these instructions.  For my co-chair and others who use Lotus Notes (I’m sorry) use these instructions.

Or you can just go old school and print it out or use your marked up schedule that you have been diligently scribbling meetings and times on since January.

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4 Responses to Online Program Planner

  1. Beth K. says:

    Hey, Michelle – I live in the EST time zone and Google imported everything as EST times, not PST times. Do I need to change that or can I assume they will become PST once my phone recognizes I’m in Seattle?

  2. mkraft says:

    Hi Beth,
    At this point I don’t know. I would like to say that everything will be fine but quite a few people (including myself) have had problems syncing the planner to outside calendars like Google. I wish I could give you a good answer.
    My back up method is to print it off on paper. I will check that everything synced correctly when I get to the hotel and if it did then I am recycling the paper. If it didn’t I am going to hop on to my computer and use the free wifi to fix it, then I will chuck the paper.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help. :(

  3. Margaret Bandy says:

    I think the Google calendar has a bug when it comes to daylight savings time. Printing it out sounds like a good backup!