Share your Ray Palmer memories at MLA and online

The Oral History Committee Seeks Your Help with a Special Project

The MLA Oral History Committee is seeking memories and stories about Ray Palmer, MLA’s former executive director, who passed away unexpectedly in November 2011. The association does not have an oral history for Palmer, and the committee would like to compile information highlighting his contributions to MLA and the profession, as well as anecdotal information about his life. The committee has developed a brief online survey ( where you can write about your memories of Palmer.

This survey is also available in print format at the MLA Connections Booth in the Exhibit Hall and can be completed during or after the annual meeting.  If you knew Ray and would like to support the committee’s work on this initiative, please stop by the Booth and pick up a copy of the print document. Or you may complete the online version after the meeting.

This survey will remain open until July 1. For additional information, contact Mary Langman, Lucretia W. McClure, AHIP, FMLA, or Kelly Gonzalez, AHIP.

Palmer served as MLA’s executive director from February 1982 through December 1991. A longtime MLA member, Palmer served the association in a variety of positions prior to becoming executive director. He also served as a health sciences librarian at Wright State University; as an assistant librarian at the Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard University Medical School; and as administrative assistant to the director at Welch Medical Library, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution.