Blog Correspondents

Training Camp–Tallie Casucci

Hall of Fame Players (10+ years)–Helen-Ann Brown Epstein and Lisa Marks

Grounds Crew–Elizabeth Laera

Exhibits Scouts–Rachel Walden and Susan Sanders

AAA Player–Laura Barkema

Rookie–Lisa Federer

Franchise Player–Kate Flewelling

Power Hitters–Annie Hughes and Natalie Clairoux

Outfielders–Amanda Chiplock and Susan Fowler

Designated Hitters–Marie Ascher, Heidi Schroeder, Amy Blevins, and Ellen Aaronson

Pinch Hitter–Sally Gore

Mascot–Andrea Kepsel

Free Agent–Molly Knapp


Participate in the 2012 Annual Meeting by sharing updates from the meeting with your colleagues: sign up to be an official Blog Correspondent.  We’ll continue this successful program by providing wireless cards to 12 people who agree to contribute blog posts on a variety of topics throughout the meeting.  See the list of topics below or suggest your own category.  All correspondents will receive 3 AHIP points for their participation.  Applications will be accepted January 5th through February 10th via SurveyMonkey. Contact Pat Higginbottom if you have questions.

Guidelines for Bloggers:

All blog entries will be posted on the MLA 2012 conference blog. Cross posting is acceptable, but content must appear here first.

All correspondents will be assigned a unique user name and password for the blog.

Blog entries should be about 250 – 500 words in length.

Posts must be labeled with the day the event occurred using Tags and Categories. Use other tags & categories as you see fit.

All blog correspondents receive 3 AHIP credits for their participation.

To qualify for a free card, the blogger must be a current MLA member and register for the meeting.

Wireless cards are available for select categories. Delivery address must be a home or business that can accept a traceable UPS or FedEx delivery (not a PO Box).  Card will arrive by Thursday, May 17, 2012.  Or, you may opt to pick up the card onsite at the MLA Registration Desk.  At the end of the conference, the card, with the box it came in, must be returned by 12:00 Noon, Wednesday, May 23rd at the MLA Registration Desk.  Wireless card software information

Other categories may require correspondents to provide their own internet solution. Complimentary guestroom Internet is included for guests in MLA’s room block.  Wireless services will also be available in select areas of the conference.

Blog Correspondent Categories

Training Camp
1 post/day about what you’re learning, 1 post must be a description of a CE course you took while at the conference

Hall of Fame Player (10+ years)
2 posts/day from perspective of a long time MLA member. Suggested topics: What has changed? What has stayed the same? What are you excited/disappointed/curious about?

Grounds Crew
1 post/day, posts about things that happen early in the game, er, day; should include the Major’s walk & a Sunrise Seminar review.

Exhibits Scout
1 post/day on things of interest in the exhibit hall

AAA Player
2 posts/day offering the conference perspective of a library science student. Suggested topics: What events did you attend? What questions arose about medical librarianship? What are you excited/disappointed/curious about?

2 posts/day offering the conference perspective of a new member or first time conference attendee. Suggested topics: What are you looking forward to? What events did you attend? If you are presenting a poster or paper, what reflections do you have on the process?

Franchise Player
1 post/day on NLM related events and news (NLM update, Friends of NLM reception, related poster or paper sessions.)

Power Hitter
6 posts total on plenary sessions

Welcome/presidential address
McGovern Lecture
MLA Business Meeting
Doe Lecture
Presidential Inaugural & MLA ’12 Invitation
NLM Update

6 posts total on poster sessions.  Suggested topics: What were the most interesting posters from each session? What emerging trends did you observe?

Designated Hitter (3 positions available)
2 posts/day on section activities
Posts on section sponsored programs, papers/projects by section members, business meetings, incoming/outgoing officers, etc.
Membership in Section is preferred.
List of MLA Sections

Pinch Hitter (3 positions available)
2 posts/day on special interest group activities
Posts on SIG sponsored events, papers/projects  related to SIG interests, informal meetings, incoming/outgoing officers, etc.
SIGs are ad hoc groups open to all members of MLA. Active SIG members are preferred, but anyone with an interest in blogging a specific SIG’s activities are invited to apply.
List of MLA Special Interest Groups

1 post/day on social events, include Bearded Pigs, receptions and other events. Photography encouraged.

Your idea here
1 post/day from a perspective of your own design.

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