NAHRS Business Meeting and Dinner

This year’s NAHRS Business Meeting was not only productive, but also festive due to the section’s 50th Anniversary. Here are some highlights from the meeting:

  • Ysabel Bertolucci read a MLA Board Resolution regarding NAHRS’s 50th Anniversary. Cake and lemonade were served during the meeting to celebrate and NAHRS 50th Anniversary pins were distributed. Janet Schnall and Bob Pringle, NAHRS 50th Anniversary Co-Chairs, were thanked for their hard work.
  • MLA and NAHRS member Patricia McNary was remembered.
  • With just under 400 members, NAHRS is the 2nd largest MLA Section.  There were 8 new NAHRS members in attendance. Continue reading
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Until about 5 years ago, the MLA annual meeting blog was on paper. Every morning during the meeting a new paper edition of the blog was made available throughout the meeting space and it contained items about the previous days events. I don’t know who put these items together but I can’t imagine working through the night to get this out first thing in the morning! Modern technology has allowed us to “go green” for much of this meeting including the blog. So now, instead of staying up all night, making sure enough copies are made so folks can learn about what’s going on during the meeting, I just have to hit the “publish” button and my latest entry will post to our now electronic-instead-of-paper blog! Love technology when it works and I believe this blog works great!

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Consumer Health Outreach: Taking the Consumer Health Library out of the Library

Moderator Melanie D. Jones welcomed attendees to the CHIS program which was cosponsored by the Federal Libraries Section, the Outreach SIG, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Health Science Librarians SIG, the Relevant Issues Section, and the African American Medical Librarians Alliance SIG.

Community Day: Reaching out to First Responders and Community Members – Susan Barnes
Susan presented the development and outcomes of the “Community Preparedness Day Projects” – 3 pilot projects that were funded by NLM and designed to highlight the role of libraries and librarians in emergency preparedness. These events for the general public were organized by local public and health science libraries in 3 locations: Maine, Oklahoma, and Florida. Local fire departments, the Red Cross, and EMTs were part of the festival atmosphere which included presentations and exhibits. Susan and her team Continue reading

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Hospital Library Section Committees Meeting

The HLS Committees meeting convened at 7:00 am this morning and we all agreed with Chair Claire Joseph that sleep deprivation was becoming evident as many of us stumbled toward the coffee. Claire set about reviewing the HLS Committees and their charges, and introduced their chairs. HLS Chair-elect Helen-Ann Epstein gave us some thought-provoking ideas on what our chapter can do in Boston for MLA13… This led to a discussion on how we can repurpose and maybe reorganize some of our committees to better serve our members. Sheila Hayes, Chair of the Standards Committee, presented the Standards survey with hopes that the poster/paper abstract for MLA13 will be accepted. Margaret Cobb, Chair of the Professional Recognition Committee explained what her committee does and put out a call for members. Strategic Planning Chair Layla Heimlich discussed the results of the Needs Assessment survey and reiterated the fact that the perception of many HLS members is that everything our chapter does happens at the annual meeting when actually we do a lot during the year as well. We hope to change this view in the near future by becoming more involved at the local and chapter level.

Hopefully, many of our members will read this post and know that we will be reaching out to welcome you to HLS and our activities!!! Please feel free to approach us and say hello!!

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In the Exhibit Hall: Scholarship Booth

Image of the outside of the scholarship booth with the hours signWhile you’re checking out all the vendors in the Exhibit Hall, make sure to drop by the Scholarship Booth. All proceeds from sales go to scholarships, and I learned that if you prefer you actually can designate your contribution to a specific award.

shirts and stuffed animals in the MLA scholarship boothMLA items in the booth include shirts, coffee mugs, notepads, stuffed animals (moose!), and other products, such as those to the right.

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Blue Trunk Libraries

After being told how important and stimulating it is to attend the different section meetings we are interested in, I made sure to attend a few yesterday and today.  Yesterday I went to the section meeting for Relevant Issues Section and listened to the “Setting up Small Hospital Medical Libraries in Developing and Resource Poor Areas” presentation by Arlene G. Cohen and Alice E. Hadley, AHIP.  I think outreach in international settings, as well as in our own country is great and it is something I am very interested in, so listening to their presentation was wonderful. They originally started with one island of Micronesia kind-of as a test library to see how it went, and it was a success so they then applied for a grant to allow them to open up libraries on the eight other Micronesian islands that are a part of the United States.  It was interesting to hear the process of this complex project, and the challenges that they faced. Continue reading

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Words Are Our Story: Mark Funk, Janet Doe Lecturer 2012

T. Scott Plutchak introduced Mark Funk as the Janet Doe Lecture for 2012. He reminded us that Mark is someone who doesn’t forget to have fun, and he certainly had fun creating an engaging lecture.

Funk talks about how he prepared for the lecture and states that while reading other Janet Doe lectures he noticed that there was a lot of ‘philosophy’ involved and a lot of very strong personal viewpoints.  He promised not to bombard us with his philosophy on librarianship and said his main philosophy is simply ‘Have another Cookie.” Continue reading

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Web of Collaboration: Steven Johnson, John P. McGovern Lecturer

Steven Johnson, a cutting edge thinker and best-selling author, most recently of Where Good Ideas Come From, spoke with us and was awarded the John P. McGovern Award on Sunday, May 20th, 2012.

Johnson began his fascinating talk describing the Cholera outbreak in 1854 London, a  from his book The Ghost Map: The Invention of Air.  As cholera outbreaks occurred in the city, officials made the mistake of thinking that what was causing the outbreak was the miasma floating through the city.  Unfortunately, as we all know today – the water supply was the culprit.  In the middle of this chaos - John Snow – father of modern epidemiology – identified that the water supply was to blame.  Snow built a data-set and mapped where Continue reading

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Monday’s Sunrise Seminars, Or the Day I Decided I Needed an iPad

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve survived your first full day and a half of the conference!  Congratulations!  I’m already exhausted and there are still two days to go.

This morning’s early activities were sunrise seminars.  I debated on which to attend, but decided on Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Order Sets, Meaningful Use: How Librarians Fit In which was sponsored by EBSCO.  Having never attended a sunrise seminar before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Would there be breakfast? Would it be a glorified sales pitch? Would there be diet coke to keep me falling asleep? Continue reading

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Becoming a Better Teacher: How to Coordinate, Execute, and Assess Instruction Part 2

This post covers the second two presentations in the above mentioned program. You can find the first part here.

Bringing New Methods into Library Instruction: A Case Study in Team Based Learning – by Brandi Tuttle and Adrianne Leonardelli

This is a fairly long entry because this was probably the best presentation that I’ve seen so far. And, I don’t just say that because I’m friends with Brandi.

The reason for this move to team-based learning started with adult learning theories. They wanted to get away from just lecturing at people.  This method of learning started in the 70’s and involved using class time for group work and immediate feedback. One way to approach this strategy is to have some pre-class assignments. Make them watch a video or read a paragraph about MeSH and PubMed before class. Then, have them do a 10 question Continue reading

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