Poster Session 1

There are many great posters at One Health! While we can’t cover every poster in  detail, I’ll highlight a few from the first session, and other bloggers will cover sessions 2, 3, and 4.

The University of Alabama Lister Hill Library and Center for Nursing Excellence shared their LibGuide web portal to support evidence-based nursing practice. It provides UAB-specific info, but also general help on research (IRB, funding, etc), giving presentations, searching, critiquing evidence, and other topics. The site is available at [poster 29]

Judith Kammerer and Kathryn Elliott did a survey of community physicians in California regarding genomics and medicine, with interesting results. Among them, 84% of the surveyed clinicians lacked confidence in their ability to access genomic medicine resources, and 79% were interested in a portal with such resources. Kammerer and Elliott then created a nice web portal to help solve that problem, containing links to info on genetic labs and tests, links to traditional and social media resources,  citations, continuing ed, and other resources, available at I was able to talk to them about their work, and would encourage anyone interested in this area to view their poster and contact them! [poster 41]

Eccles at the University of Utah underwent renovation, gaining mobile and modular furniture, treadmill desks (jealous!), an art gallery, reception space featuring local authors,a nd other amenities. I didn’t get a good photo of thei poster, but check it out online for images of the space. [poster 76]

Lisa Chow’s poster addresses using the unconference format to share knowledge among librarians, literacy experts, public health and medical professionals, community organizations, and the public – anyone interested in improving health literacy and community health. More information, including a summary report from the unconference, is available at [poster 129]