Poster Session 2 – Monday, May 6

I was able to sample OneHealth’s international focus during today’s poster session.  Among those contributing to research outside the U.S. setting was Ruiling Guo of the University of Idaho, who presented her poster “International Collaborative Research Among Health Sciences Librarians and Public Health Professionals in the United States and China.”  Guo’s study investigated information-seeking behavior about HIV/AIDS among college students at three sites in China.  Guo stressed her involvement as part of the research team.  ”You have to understand what they’re doing in order to help them,” she noted of her interdisciplinary collaborators, paraphrasing a familiar question about librarian involvement:  ”‘How can you help us if you don’t understand what we’re doing?’”

Ruiling Guo and Tanisha Mills

Guo is serving as a mentor at OneHealth to Tanisha Mills, of the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas.

Fiona Russell

I also chatted for a while with Fiona Russell, an Australian librarian.  She came all the way here on her first visit to the U.S. to present her poster, “The Final Piece of the Puzzle” (#239).  Russell’s poster focused on the information literacy assessment tool she helped develop at her institution.  When I left Russell, she was deep in conversation with a colleague from Qatar who had worked on a similar project.

Stay tuned for a couple of additional updates from today’s poster session.