Integrating our expertise

Hola.  I’m feeling international today, I’ve heard so many papers from around world.  I’m finding all these ideas from my colleagues so exciting!!!!

This morning I attended the Integrating Our Expertise: Engaging Our Partners in Resources at the Bench or at the Point of Care session.  Ok…I moderated it, so beware of bias.  (smile)

At the University of Michigan Health System, the librarian has taken an active role in patient education and patient safety.  By using metadata and organization, a patient education clearing house was created to pull together materials from many departments and improved the quality and consistent of the education materials.

In the UK, libarians are rebranding themselves as CEBIS, Clinical Evidence Based Information Service at the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Their system included an online form for clinicans to submit their research questions to the library and that requestion research evidence should be as reoutine as requestion a blood test.

The University of Minnesota Biomedical Library is working with a group of people to get evidence inserted directly into radiology reports in hopes to make those reports more understandable by both the other clinicials and the patients.  Direct links to information resources, make life easier for all types of users.

And finally at the University of Utah sans remodel chose to remake their library as an inovation and discovery HUB by collaborating with other groups and inviting them to join them physically in the library.  This effort created a new Research Information Service bring together CTSA, Innovation Center to offer patrons one stop shopping.

Great session for a Monday morning!