News from the NLM Booth

The NLM booth, located at 226 in the Exhibit Hall of the Hynes Convention Center, is host to a wealth of programming centered on the NLM’s products. Whether PubMed Health, NLM apps, or travelling exhibitions – there is something for just about everyone.

Every session also holds the chance to win a free book. Of Monday’s choices: an exhibit volume of Michael Sappol’s Dream Anatomy (2006) or the NLM’s Hidden Treasures (2012).

I was able to catch Jamie Peacock and Andrew Plumer’s “BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)” program, an introduction to the apps and mobile-enabled web offerings of the NLM. A full list of the mobile resources can be found at:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at the NLM Booth

It was during this session that we all learned – from a very friendly librarian in the audience – that the Starbuck’s app of the day card enabled users to create an Apple account without using a credit card. It worked in place of a gift card. A useful thing if you’re looking for the NLM’s apps at the Apple Store. An AppleID (and credit card) is required for all downloads now.

NLM's History of Medicine Division Presentation

NLM’s History of Medicine Division Presentation

The History of Medicine Division of the NLM also had a program highlighting their exhibitions, programs, and resources. Stephen J. Greenberg’s presentation was incredibly fascinating. Not only did it highlight the NLM’s current exhibit – the Native Voices project – but also the NLM’s work with the Medical Heritage Library consortium, and the endlessly fascinating Kirtas. Due to it’s prowess, the NLM has cut digitization (formerly performed by microfilming) time from 8-10 months to a week.