NLM implements the new Library Dark Art, RDA is here!

When I was a student worker at the University of Central Florida Library our department head would return from lunch each day with the same question on his lips.
With a little smirk he would ask, “Were there any advancements in cataloging made while I was away ? ”

Well in 2012 and 2013, I can now give him a call and say yes, it seems to be happening a lot these days.

Stopping by the NLM Booth is always a good idea. The NLM Theatre is a repeating workshop of mini CE sessions.

Today I had a chance to see the presentation put on by Brenda Willis , of NLM Technical Services.

I met Brenda earlier in the day at the MLA Technical Services Section meeting. She reminded us about her presentation

** NLM is implementing RDA – Resource Description and Access – **

For those of the MLA community who are not into the Dark Arts, RDA is the new cataloging rules. The original working title was once AACR3.

I’d highly recommend this presentation. If you can catch the last one at the booth on Tuesday 10:00 am or take a look at the video presentation when they post it.

She does a very good brief history of the cataloging rules and where the new RDA fits in. Then she goes a little into how the NLM cataloging unit is slowly implementing the process.

This March they started to make all new records RDA records. They are not currently planning to do a retrospective conversion, but this change will slowly start having a large effect.

There was also a bit of discussion of some specific changes. such as the removal of the GMD after the title. That GMD information will now exist in three new fields in the record.

One of the exciting things that Brenda brought up was that RDA was written with the idea that it can be applied to multiple kinds of metadata schemes, not just MARC.

If my readers want a short history and update about cataloging advancements that have been made, while they were away, I suggest they stop by the NLM or look for the online presentation.

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