Poster Session 1 – Posters That Attract Attention

Creating posters that not only communicate clearly but attract attention can be quite difficult, so I wanted to highlight a couple of the Session 1 posters that made heavy use of graphic elements to draw viewers.

From Bernard Becker, a poster on a systematic review service by Susan Fowler, Lauren Yaeger, and Betsy Kelly managed to make use of the much-hated Comic Sans in a way that won’t make people cringe, and could be modified for library promotion. :) [poster 73]

Another good-looking poster comes from Megan Besaw and Christine Andresen of Laupus at ECU, on a discovery tool. The poster gave design credit to Jason Cottle, who I believe has designed some other attractive posters for MLA attendees in recent years. (Please see poster uploads for a clear view of this one) [poster 217]

Finally, this was not from Session 1, but Poster 24 used a Candyland theme that surely attracted viewers.