Thank Goodness They Are Taping This

One of the great changes in MLA Annual Meetings is the Online Meeting Proceedings

We now have the option of staying home and watching the meeting, or attending and then reviewing parts of the meeting at our leisure.  I for one am thrilled this option is available, especially when I see the Twitter feed from session I am missing. It is good to know that I can be inspired to go and help build health libraries in Africa by Anne Seymour in person, and then at home I can look over the presentation from the eight other program sessions that were going on at the same time.  Yes, I said 8.  The program this year has been very dense with really good presentations and I feel fortunate that I can go home and watch the talks I missed when I need to get inspired by the interesting work others have been doing.

The posters are also available online.  It has been nice that the posters for all sessions have been up for the whole meeting so you can wander at leisure, but there are more posters than talks, so the labyrinth of poster boards is daunting and I haven’t been able to see them all.

Of course, what you miss viewing the meeting from afar or afterwards is the chance to talk with the presenter when the content is fresh in your head. But given how much there is to take in, I look forward to reviewing what I’ve seen and seeing what I’ve missed when I get back home. And I can always email or tweet the presenter to learn more.