NLM Update – my favorite part of MLA

If I had to be at MLA for one day to see only one presentation, it would be the NLM Update.

Back at my first MLA Annual meeting in 1998 the one presentation that made feel like this was all worth it was the NLM Update.

They cover, very briefly, so many good activities.

A real “Shaka and his eyes uncovered” moment. {yeah, Star Trekkers, you’ll get that reference}

NLM has not yet dissapointed me with thier MLA update.  Apparently, I am not the only one to feel this way.  The Ballroom was full (even more than for the earlier MLA presidential address).

The update covered activities of Public Health, environmental health, History of Medicine, DOCLINE resource sharing, and various data sharing programs.

Twice they made a plug to encourage people to join them in working for NLM.

My favorite part of the presentation is always that from the History of Medicine Division.  While the information there is not readily usable in our day to day jobs,  I have always found it to be inspirational. It reminds me of why I got into the library profession to begin with.


Once again I’d encourage the blog readers to stop by the NLM booth or look for their recorded presentations when they upload them after MLA.

Thanks NLM — for the annual professional expresso.



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