Poster Session 3

When attending a conference, I always ask myself what knowledge I want to take back with me.  Since I am relatively new to the field of medical librarianship, I’m always hoping to learn from the experiences of others. Poster sessions are a great opportunity to do just that. And most likely, they’ll share their business card and be open to further conversation. There were plenty of posters to visit and many good conversations to join. Here’s a very small categorized snippet of the great interactions I had at poster session 3.

Health Literacy: Andrea Szwajcer, and Kerry Macdonald (Poster 236)

These librarians shared with me their passion for health literacy and impressed upon me the importance of health literacy training during medical school curriculum and residency years. Their study on the incorporation of health literacy principals in Family Medicine found that students, doctors and residents feel they need more time, knowledge and resources when it comes to practicing health literacy with their patients. If you are about to embark upon the path of health literacy, shoot an email to these librarians, and I’m sure their experience and advice will get you through.

First-time researcher? :  Christine Willis (and Skye Bickett, Melissa Wright, Poster 219)

These librarians know that engaging in research isn’t easy. In fact, they make no bones about asking what prevents you from jumping in. But even better yet is their analysis of why you and many others do take on research projects. If you need a cheerleader, or want to know how support other librarians in their research efforts, these are the librarians to get advice from. And they plan on publishing an extended version of their research results.

Faced with institutional consolidation?: Brenda Seago, Kathy Davies, et al. (Poster 63)

Some of us would feel woefully inadequate at consolidating two fully functioning libraries who serve rather different populations all within a short time span. But Brenda and Kathy (and many others!) dove right in to accomplish the job set before them by their institutions. It is not an easy task, and their experience, advice and insight would be incredibly helpful to those attempting something similar. If I’m ever facing this task, I know who to seek out.