Getting connected when you are the newbie

By way of introduction my name is Katrina Lawrence and this is my first time attending MLA. I am a recent graduate (as in, on Friday) in the dual MLS/MIS program at Indiana University – Bloomington and I excited about getting to know my colleagues throughout North America and beyond. In this first post I wanted to share the things that I did at the conference that helped me feel “not so new” as a newly minted medical librarian.

  1. New Members/First-Time Attendees Program: This was the first thing on my conference agenda. It was a great introduction to MLA and to hear from the current and future presidents and also a hear pearls of wisdom very seasoned library professional: Lucretia McClure. This was a great way to kickstart my time at the conference.
  2. Colleague Connection: Beforehand I made sure I signed up for Colleague Connection and at the New Members Breakfast I met my mentor, Rebecca Graves from the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. As with so many librarians she is a natural networker and just the person I needed to be connected to so I could begin my networking too. For all new members and recent grads of library school this program is a must!
  3.  Poster Sessions: I will admit, there were many posters at this conference. I was impressed with the creative projects and analysis represented by so many talented teams. For anyone there is a lot of information to look at and absorb. However, as a newbie, I gained some great insight into what to look for and even generated some ideas of some projects I would love to do in the future. Don’t neglect the posters!