Public Services Section Meeting

One final post from Boston!

Today I attended the Public Services Section (PSS) meeting.  As the new Chair of the section I want to take this chance to encourage you to join a section.  You can do so for free right now.  Give it a try!  Get to really know colleagues who are working or interested in the same issues as you.  People in MLA you can turn to for professional help, mentoring and in people to have dinner with at future conventions.  J

PSS is looking for a new Membership Committee Chair and a New Web/Listserv manager.  If you are a member of PSS or want to join, there are opportunities to get involved.  Contact Kelly Thormodson Reports, old business and new business were discussed.  Program ideas for 2014 were batted around.  The Section awarded a travel stipend to this meeting to Kim Pullen.  At the close of the meeting the new officers were put in place as follows: Chair: Kelly Thormodson, Chair-Elect: Elisa Cortez, Past-Chair: Dolores Judkins, and Sectretary-Treasurer: Elaine Dean.

Thank you Boston, we had a great time!