Poster Session 4

I’m back to tell you about my takeaways from poster session 4. Once again, there were so many posters to visit and too little time. There were wonderful posters and great conversations happening, and it was difficult to leave! As I mentioned in my last post, I tend to use poster sessions as a time to learn from other’s experiences and hopefully pick up some contact information so that I have a network to contact when needed.

Clinical Librarianship: Gretchen Kuntz (Poster 56)

Clinical librarianship is an ongoing learning goal of mine, and Gretchen was able to share some valuable experience from her work in the Neuro/Trauma ICUs. Her study found that for every 2.7 hours of rounding, she intercepted 5.7 questions. As the questions are not usually “ready reference”, she would spend about 4.4 hours of searching the literature and sending out information to the attending physicians. She has future plans for embedding a librarian within a unit several days a week. Her experience is invaluable and I hope she doesn’t mind getting an email from me some day.

Community Health: Monica Rogers,  et al.(Poster 152)

Monica Rogers and others partnered with the St. Louis public library system to set up “The Good Health Spot” kiosks in four main branches of the library. The kiosks provide information on a variety of health topics, including socially delicate topics. The kiosk program received funding from the Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECad) which allowed Monica to tailor the cancer information in the kiosks to the cancer rates in the community.  In addition she spent time with the public librarians covering authoritative health resources. Monica is a community health educator extraordinaire with many innovative ideas on providing quality health information to the public.