International Visitor’s Reception

International Visitor’s Reception–friends from Japan!

I had never attended the International Visitor’s Reception, in part because I’m not an international attendee. Don’t be fooled! Anyone is able to attend, and I would highly recommend it. Aside from tasty snacks, it was a great mix of regular MLA attendees and many international visitors. I met people from Japan (& have new Facebook friends!), Australia, Ireland, India, France, Britain, and Hong Kong. I chatted with people both involved in international collaboration and those looking to launch collaborations. I have an invitation to visit Tokyo, and would welcome my new friends to Indiana and my home if they find themselves in Indianapolis. I also had a nice chat with the indomitable and delightful Lucretia McClure. The time of the session was 90 minutes instead of the normal 60, and the extended time seemed just right.

Also, special thanks to the New England Journal for their sponsorship of this event AND the new launch of their free global health articles: ! This looks to be a great resource of articles for anyone interested in global health.

I had a great time making new friends, both here within the U.S. and across the globe, and would encourage others to attend the International Visitor’s Reception next year!