Collaboration for Patient-Centered Informed Consents

Pharmacy and Drug Information Section and Leadership and Management Section:Enabling and Enriching Transnational and Interprofessional Collaboration

Consenting Adults: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving Patient Care via the Informed Consent Process.
Presenter: Margo Coletti, AHIP, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston.

What a perfect way to further the visibility of your hospital library!  Coletti described a project at her hospital that started quite simply as an attempt to increase the readability of informed consent documents and turned into a successful collaborative workshop that goes way beyond improving their ICs. Representatives from the IRB (Institutional Review Board), the hospital legal department, risk management, community affairs, interpreter services and the human subjects protection office, as well as Coletti’s own knowledge services joined forces to create a quarterly half-day program for informed consent writers. Topics included health literacy and plain language principles, how to access for patient comprehension, and how to work with patients and limited English language skills. Since informed consents are quite well known for their “unfriendliness,” the creation of this workshop and the resultant positive changes go a long way toward increasing patient safety and advocacy. Consider trying out this idea in your institution!