BaitNLM DOCLINE Users group meeting

This annual meet is a very focused and practical session that spends time with issues concerning DOCLINE.

After trying to attract folks to sit down , with the promise of chocolates, the presenter covered a number of things rather quickly.

There was actually a main event they wanted to get to this year. More on that in a second.

But, first here are some great numbers. They will add context, I promise.

2737 participating libraries

1.55 million ILL requests
92.7 % fill rate !
An Average request gets filled within .99 days. That’s less than 24 hrs to you and me.
There were more numbers given, but, I thought these were impressive enough.


Second on the agenda was a very brief update on the status of the
MedPrint project.

It was noted that there have been 18 signed agreements to join MedPrint.
And 42 libraries that have the National commitment marked on their records in DOCLINE. This, of course, means that lots of libraries intend to participate, but have not yet sent in their papers.

My library is in that boat. I have the form sitting on my desk right now, ready for the Director to sign as soon as I remember to bring it to her.

What was also nice to hear is that 51 titles have reached the goal of 13 committed libraries.

Since I was part of one of the Ad Hoc committees that helped make recommendations for the MedPrint project, I’d like everyone to consider joining.

The preservation of Print is a very important ! Everybody is cutting and discarding print, thinking that somebody else will save it. MedPrint can help us identify who that somebody is. Then we can have a little more confidence about how we handle our own print material.
Furthermore, it is a chance to make your collection special.

Please find those titles that you specialize in and have good solid holdings for.
Make a MedPrint commitment for those titles.

** What’s new ? **

What followed next was a few slides that showed some updates and changes in DOCLINE. No, I won’t list then here. I suspect if me reader wanted to know they would have been there or will look at the slides later.

*** DOCLINE Survey **
Lastly, the main focus of the presentation was on the findings of a survey that was conducted over the past year.

There were some surprising findings that on the surface seemed contradictory.

Overall, DOCLINE requests have been lower, yet, there were many libraries that reported that their individual ILL requests have been increasing.

They really had to crack into the numbers and find the stories beneath them in order to understand this contradiction.

This was a perfect example about how statistics don’t always tell the story you think they do. The overall numbers seemed to tell one story while several segmented questions and comments seemed to tell another.

The use and make-up ILL has changed. Our collections have changed. The DOCLINE folks are really hoping to reach out at this MLA, especially at the shared resources SIG, and find more stories and explanations of what their survey is really showing them.

If any of my readers is involved with ILL, please take the time to talk with them. Tell them your story about how your collection has changed and how that has changed your ILL practices.


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