2015 NPC Ideas Starts Now

While you are enjoying the fruits of the 2013 NPC’s labor, you might want to know that work for the 2014 meeting is well underway and work on the 2015 meeting is getting started at this very meeting.  The meetings are planned years in advance.  When I was the NPC co-chair for 2012 I was amazed at how early things needed to be done.  So it wasn’t surprising to me when I would get suggestions from very well meaning librarians suggesting various themes, topics, programs, and speakers, way after we had selected them.

So I thought I would offer this brief unofficial run down of the timeline the NPC has for those of you interested in the annual meeting.  I bring this up now, towards the beginning of this meeting, because I know that all of your ideas of what the “next” meeting should be will be coming to your mind as you attend things.

If you are interested in knowing everything about planning the meeting or if you are interested in joining the NPC you will want to look at the full guide available to members only. (Organizational Information > MLA Units and Chapters >Committee Manuals) The guide spells everything out including the timeline of when things need to be done.

The guide is helpful but very long so if you are just curious I will give you a idea of what the NPC does each year based on my past experiences as a member of the 2009 NPC and a co-chair of the 2012 meeting.

Please note I’m not on the 2014, 2015, or 2016 NPCs so I’m guessing a bit at what they have done or will be doing


The theme has been chosen, the logo and the promotional material is at their booth this meeting. The NPC chairs have already visited the convention center site and hotel once. They will do a second visit in the Fall. They have chosen their speakers or in final process of choosing. The contracts will being going out to the speakers shortly after the meeting. The Section’s program planners will meet at this meeting to discuss and plan their programs for this year. They will do most of their program planning in the next few months after MLA because they need to have their ducks in row quickly as they will begin to evaluate submissions in September and accept/reject submissions in October.


They should be choosing their theme at this meeting or at least be in heavy discussions so that they can select it fairly quickly in months following the meeting. The theme is usually based on the President’s priorities.  The theme must be chosen by July and the logo is created in October. The NPC co-chairs and LAC will do their first site visit in Fall. In the winter (December time frame) they will determine the preliminary program schedule. In the winter, discussions will take place about speakers and they will create a list of possible speakers who would be good and fit in with the theme. Ideally they will have the wanted speakers identified or a very short list of wanted speakers by MLA 2014. By May 2014 they will be doing the things I listed in the above 2014 paragraph.


NPC co-chairs will be selected this year.  The President selects the NPC chair then the chair selects the co-chair. From there the co-chairs select the LAC (local assistance committee) chairs based on the librarians located within the meeting area. In November the NPC co-chairs look at select individuals who filled out the Committee application and indicated they wanted to join the NPC.

That in a nutshell explains how the meeting gets planned.  If you have other questions you want to consult the NPC guide. As you can see planning the meeting starts very early and many of the decisions are made at least a year or more ahead of time. So if you have ideas about the next meeting feel free to tell NPC members but please be aware that you might need to tell the next year’s NPC or apply to join the committee in the future.