What is the Leaders Tea and Who is a Leader?

When I think of a leaders tea, the image that pops in my head is people in period costumes sitting in a conservatory with tea cups, biscuits, and doilies. Well at the MLA Leadership Tea there is tea but also coffee, cookies and brownies. We aren’t in period costumes and the tea cups are paper.

This listing on the MLA program used to confused me. While I was pretty certain it wasn’t a doily type tea event I wondered who exactly was considered a “new leader.” I originally thought it was something similar to Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers.┬áIt wasn’t until I became the chair of MIS and learned that this was the meeting for the new chairs of Sections, Chapters, Task Forces, and Committees as an orientation to MLA and to meet their liaisons to the MLA Board Members and MLA Staff.

Much of the annual meeting program and other opportunities are the result of the Sections, Chapters, Task Force, Committewas work. As a result the new chairs of the groups need a crash course meeting about how things get done in MLA and their responsibilities.

Recently much of the information presented at the New Leaders Tea has been presented at a webinar prior to the meeting. But there is still a need to physically meet and connect with MLA staff and Board liaisons. The New Leaders Tea provides that opportunity.