Clinical Librarians & EBHC SIG Meeting – 2pm Sunday 5th May

There were 17 people at the Clinical Librarian & EBHC SIG this afternoon. Although the meeting wasn’t packed, the discussion was lively (this was also a problem because of bad acoustics, the lack of microphones and the bad layout of the room). There was consensus that Clinical Librarian (CL) teaching modules (including a program that introduced non-medical librarians to the medical librarian role) should be available on the SIG website. Medical terminology and its importance was discussed, along with how important it is for CLs to know the clinical and nursing hierarchies. MLA has a terminology round and someone suggested finding out when the CL part would be available. A SIG member discussed a CL boot-camp training project and how a MLA CE staffer will be involved. Boot-camp is not an online course – it will be a physical and interactive course. It was generally agreed that systematic review work was time consuming and lonely, and someone asked about the possibility of having your search strategies peer reviewed. I had the answer to that. There is a search strategy peer review group that uses a wiki to upload strategies for review (this depends on individual member time availability). To read more about this group, go to:

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  1. Thanks Catherine, a great report and a very useful piece of information to help with search reviewing.

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