Structuring Our Services for the Future in Health Care

An invited panel sponsored by the Hospital Libraries Section and cosponsored by the Health Association Libraries Section, Clinical Librarians and Evidence-Based Health Care SIG, and New Members SIG was held Tuesday afternoon.
Colleagues came to hear PJ Grier introduce the vocabulary and concepts of health informatics, including meaningful use.
Jane Surtees told us about being a clinical librarian in England.
Donna Flake made us envious of all the cooperation she gets from her administrators to attach information resources, to the electronic health record.
Danielle Linden listed all the activities to consider as you support Magnet Status.
Emily McEwen did not join us as planned. She was told her Library is closing.

Health Information technology (HIT), clinical outreach to the health care team and patients, attaching information to the chart, setting up some way for reference questions to come to youdirectly,  establishing a sound relationship with your IT department, and supporting Magnet Status gives structure for building our services for the future in health care.

These papers will be found on the Meeting’s archive.