Items of Interest in the Exhibit Hall

Yesterday I spent some time roaming the exhibit hall and had more opportunitities to speak with vendors.  I spent some time at Thomson Reuters learning more about the new version of Endnote, X7, that is coming out later this month.  There is nothing too drastically different from the current version – highlights include improved ability to manage PDFs and increased syncing capabilities. Thomson Reuters is at Booth 407 for those who would like to stop by and learn more.

I attended the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ session at the NLM Theater and learned about the various mobile websites and apps available from the NLM. The gallery of mobile apps and sites is available at There are a variety of resources available, but one of my favorites is the Turning the Pages app. It is a gorgeous and fun way to explore historic medical texts.

On the fun side of things, I recommend anyone looking for an afternoon pick-me-up visit Epocrates in Booth 721 – they have a barista and espresso machine on site.  There is also the massage station sponsored by McGraw-Hill for a relaxing chair massage.  And I can happily report that I was able to score both the cat print and ‘Keep Calm and Ask a Librarian’ bags that were highly sought after!