Videos now available for Section Program 10 – “Structural Adjustments: Changes in Education”

Pre-recorded papers for Section Program 10: Structural Adjustments Changes in Education (MLA’s first flipped conference session) are now available to view in the online conference scheduler.  Getting there is easy, but you must be registered for the conference to see the videos.


1.  Go to

2. Log in with your email & badge number.

3. Navigate to the middle of the page under “Mid-April” & click on the session name “Structural Adjustments: Changes in Education.”

4. You’ll see the list of presentations.

5. Click on one and along the bottom you’ll see a blue “Video” button.

6. Click on the blue “Video” button and a new window will pop up and play the video.

7. Join us Sunday, May 18 from 4:30 – 5:55 pm in Room: Regency A, Gold Level, West Tower to discuss the presentations. Topics include: open access educational resources for allied health, active and team-based learning techniques for evidence based practice instruction, and reflections on flipped information literacy instruction. This session will be a free flowing, multi-room conversation, facilitated by the paper presenters.

(7.5. Tweet us at the hashtag  #mlaflip.)


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NPC Challenges Chapters, Libraries, Sections, and Special Interest Groups!

The National Program Committee (NPC) is counting on the competitiveness of the Chapters, Sections and Special Interest Groups affiliated with MLA and all libraries (which do NOT have to be institutional members) to donate items to the Party with a Purpose Silent Auction. We know that everyone loves to have bragging rights. The group in each category that has the highest bid (combined multiple small items or one large item) will win those bragging rights. Please note: a donation can be made by an individual for a group but can only count for one!!!

The winners of each category will be announced around 9 pm at the Party with a Purpose and will also be featured in a MLA Focus and MLA News article following the Annual Meeting. Bring your competitive spirit and help make the Party with a Purpose successful for the MLA Scholarship fund, MLA Section Project of the Year Award, and the Chicago adult literacy organization, Literacy Works.

By May 6, please forward your completed Silent Auction Donation Form to the address provided on the form. For more information, please refer to the fact sheet or contact Ray Naegele (email: or phone: 312.419.9094 ext 17) or Susan Chesniak (email: or phone: 312.419.9094 ext.18).

The MLA Silent Auction is supported by the 2014 National Program Committee lead by Julia M. Esparza and Erinn Aspinall, Co-chairs, Party with a Purpose Committee, of the National Program Committee.

[Thanks to Julie Esparaza and Erinn Aspinall for providing the information for this and the previous post!]

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Donate to the MLA “Party with a Purpose” Silent Auction

MLA is seeking your support as an auction item donor for the Medical Library Association’s first ever Silent Auction during the MLA Annual Meeting.

We ask for your support with a donation of one or more auction items. The items could represent hundreds of dollars in auction funds raised. Please be sure to include a photo and relevant details about the items you donate, so we can include an accurate description for potential bidders. By May 6, please forward your completed Silent Auction Donation Form to the address provided on the form. For more information, please refer to the fact sheet or contact Ray Naegele (email:  or phone: 312.419.9094 ext 17) or Susan Chesniak (email:  or phone: 312.419.9094 ext.18).

The MLA Silent Auction is supported by the 2014 National Program Committee lead by Julia M. Esparza and Erinn Aspinall, Co-chairs, Party with a Purpose Committee, of the National Program Committee.

Proceeds from the auction will go to the MLA Scholarship fund, MLA Section Project of the Year Award, and the Chicago adult literacy organization, Literacy Works.

Possible donation items:

  • rare books and autographed books
  • electronics and mobile devices
  • gift baskets
  • handcrafted items
  • jewelry, artwork
  • vacation timeshares
  • posters, photos
  • art, sports paraphernalia
  • tickets to sporting events or theatre events
  • gift certificates for online purchases at shops and restaurants
  • candles and collectibles

Thank you for your support!

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Enhance your MLA 2014 conference experience through Colleague Connection!

Colleague Connection is MLA’s mentoring program that pairs newer members or first-time meeting attendees with returning, more experienced members during the annual meeting. The purpose of Colleague Connection is to introduce new attendees to the association and help them get the most out of the MLA annual meeting. Initial contacts made through Colleague Connection can lead to lifelong friendships with your peers and increase your professional network.

Don’t be left out – sign up as a mentee or mentor today!

If you are a new member or first time conference attendee, consider pairing up with an experienced colleague at the meeting in Chicago! Colleague Connection allows you to have your questions about the conference answered, maximize your time, choose the best programs and meetings to attend, meet new colleagues, build your professional network, and discuss new ideas.

Returning members benefit from Colleague Connection, too! Mentoring a colleague during the conference can expand your professional network, expose you to new ideas, and help you see the conference from a fresh perspective. In addition, you will get the satisfaction of helping someone – there’s no greater reward than that!

Mentees and Mentors should register here:

Those who sign up by Monday, May 5th will be guaranteed to receive their mentor or mentee before leaving for the meeting. Once assigned, each pair of colleagues will be responsible for working out times to meet and connect.

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Norton (, 352-273-8419).

[Thanks to Margaret Henderson for providing this information!]

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Register Now! Early Bird Discount Ends April 9th

The deadline for big savings on MLA registration is coming up in just a few days! Register by April 9 to receive the early-bird discount and save $110.

Registration can be completed online or by mail or fax.

Details about payment methods, contact info for questions, and on-site registration are available on the registration webpage.

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Close To Home: The Magnificent Mile

By Shannon

By Shannon


Over the past few months, I (and others) have highlighted interesting and great places to see around Chicago. In an effort to keep close to “home,” also known as the Hyatt, I’m focusing on Michigan Avenue this month.

Michigan Avenue ( stretches north and south from the hotel and is home to more stores and eateries than I can count. Like Lake Michigan and Millennium, wandering Michigan Ave is great free entertainment. If you’re interested in stopping along the way, check out these highlights:

Water Tower Place ( 835 N. Michigan Avenue

  • Water Tower Place is a multi-level mall at the North end of Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago. Macy’s is on the ground floor and variety of restaurants and stores are throughout the other levels.

Hershey’s Chocolate World ( 22 N. Michigan Ave.

  • A great place for a sweet treat

Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop ( 830 N. Michigan Ave.

  • An additional delicious stop and right across the street from the Hershey’s

The John Hancock Center ( 875 N. Michigan Ave

  •  The John Hancock Tower, close to Water Tower Place, provides amazing 360 degree view of Chicago at the top.

Garrett’s Popcorn ( 625 North Michigan Avenue

  • Garrett’s popcorn is famous in Chicago. Their famous Chicago mix, cheese and caramel popcorn, creates a line out the door. If you’re trying to find Garrett’s the quickest way is by your nose — you can smell the popcorn within a block

Chicago Cultural Center ( 78 E. Washington St.

  • The Chicago Cultural Center was once the main branch of the Chicago Public Library (which is now a bit south and west). It not only provides helpful information about the city and free community programming, but has beautiful interior and exterior decorations.

The Chicago Architecture Foundation ( 224 South Michigan Ave

  • Find a variety of different types of tours (on foot, by EL, by boat) to learn about the history and architecture of Chicago

Bonus: Navy Pier ( 600 E. Grand Ave

  • Navy Pier is well-known for its iconic Ferris wheel and fireworks. You can find the pier directly east of Michigan and Grand

Bonus: Macy’s on State Street ( 111 N State St

  • Macy’s on State Street occupies the one of Marshall Fields’ original buildings, which is recognized as National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A number of unique tours are available, including the Historic Store Tour, which highlight some of the building’s most unique features. Macy’s is worth a stop in Chicago not just for the merchandise but for the delicious Frango mints.

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MLA Tour of International Museum of Surgical Science

The History of the Health Sciences Section of MLA is sponsoring a pre-meeting tour of the International Museum of Surgical Science at 1524 North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The group plans to meet on Friday, May 16th at 9:30am at the conference hotel (Hyatt) main entrance and take public transportation to the museum which opens at 10:00. The group will receive a tour discount price of $8.00 each and tours are usually 2 to 2 ½ hours long. Some of those attending will plan to stop for lunch (on your own) somewhere along Michigan Avenue on the way back to the hotel. The Newberry Library is very close to the IMSS and is open to the public, so some may want to stop in there instead of heading back.

Please contact Joan M. Stoddart (, Past Chair of the History of the Health Sciences Section, by April 15th if you are interested in joining the tour.

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Need Ideas for Building Your Case to Attend MLA? Check Out These Great Suggestions!

It’s a fact we can’t get away from – attending MLA costs money. We don’t have to figure out how to justify the expense of our attendance alone, though! You can now check out all the entries to the “Build Your Case” contest, which provide examples of successful strategies for securing funding.

Congrats to Emily J. Glenn, AHIP of St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) and Geetha Sridaran of the Sid E. and Nell K. Williams Library (Life University, Marietta, GA) for their winning entries in the “Build Your Case” contest! They have each won a $500 prize for the most original, interesting, and compelling “asks” for funding to attend an MLA annual meeting. Thanks also to everyone who took the time to enter and share their success stories.

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Guest Post by Jean Gudenas

Jean Gudenas, Head of Collections Management at Loyola University Health Sciences Library, has nicely contributed a guest blog post on the Chicago comedy locations. You can also read Hilarious Chicago in the January MLA News.  Thanks Jean!

Hilarious Chicago  by Jean Gudenas

Chicago is the breeding ground for some of the best comedy in the country, and great comedy is not just limited to large festivals or weekend shows. Although Chicago has gained popularity with TBS Just for Laughs (the largest comedy festival in the country), Chicago has always been a favorite location for headliners and serves as a training arena for those who think they are funny. Second City is especially notorious for starting the careers of many comedians ranging from classics like Joan Rivers and Bill Murry to current favorites such as Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey. To say the least, Chicago has a plethora of comedy venues that will appeal to any sense of humor.

Because many comedy events are often not scheduled until a month or two before the show, check out these venues prior to May to see what will be happening and who might be staring!

Zanies is for the die-hard fans of standup. Zanies has hosted original standup since 1978 and served as the stage to many influential comics like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. While there are several locations, the first location in Chicago’s Old Town remains the most popular. Tickets start at $25.00 and is open every night.

Perhaps the most recognizable comedy name in Chicago, Second City has been performing sketch comedy and improv for over 50 years. It seems that many known comedic actors have at one point trained and performed with Second City, and regardless of which show or troupe is seen (typically there are 3 different troupes touring the Mainstage and the E.C.T stage), most likely a future talent is performing. Note that weekend shows often sell out 2-4 weeks beforehand, so it is recommended to reserve tickets in advance. Ticket prices vary depending on show and troupe.

The Playground Theater is a nonprofit cooperative “dedicated to the art of improve comedy.” While this BYOB venue is not the most chic of stages, talents like Jack McBrayer from the show 30Rock obviously feel comfortable to try their brand of comedy. Be prepared for experimental comedy and witnessing potential rising stars. Tickets range from $5.00-$15.00

Best known for training entertainers like Mike Myers, Amy Poehler, and the Upright Citizens Brigande, iO Improv  is an improv and sketch show with an underlying philosophy that distinguishes it from any other venue. As opposed to the improv-game that is popular (for instance, Whose Line is it Anyway?), iO concentrates on long improvisational structures coined by Del Close, iO’s founder, as “The Harold.” One cannot explain The Harold without experiencing it, and thankfully with shows 7 nights a week, there is always a chance to understand The Harold! Ticket prices vary depending on the performing show

A nightclub four nights a week and a comedy club three nights a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), The Comedy Bar is partnered by Jim Belushi and features a range of new and established comedians for a rather affordable cost with no drink minimum ($10-$15 a ticket, depending on the show). Located in the North River District on Ontario Street, this is a great venue for experiencing comedy Chicago style.

For additional information on other venues or to learn more about comedy in Chicago, ComedyofChicago is an excellent blog that “supports and promotes the Chicago (as well as national) standup comedy scene.”

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Spring in Chicago!


by JoeyBLS Photography via Flickr

The average temperatures range from 50 to 70. After a cold winter throughout the US, spring weather will be arriving in Chicago just in time for the MLA conference. However, when it comes to deciding what to pack for your Chicago adventure, we have some tips. The hotel is incredibly close to Lake Michigan so make sure to bring a warm coat for the wind off the lake. Layers are the perfect solution for embracing Chicago throughout the day: refreshing mornings, warm afternoons and cool evenings. Finally, add your favorite pair of walking shoes to your “must bring” list. Regardless of weather or your transportation plans, a good pair of weather friendly walking shoes are life-savers in Chicago. With these tips in mind, you will have a great time in Chicago this spring.