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If you missed it in person, be sure to check out ICS’s programs on M-Health and Information Innovations.  Gupreet Rana, the incoming chair of ICS, moderated some amazing talks on a variety of projects.  Dana Abbey from the Health Sciences Library at the University of Colorado and NN/LM MidContinental region presented her work with her colleagues on providing internet access to members of the community without or with limited access.  She and her team demonstrated how providing a more mobile access to the internet had an impact health in the community and for public health initiatives.  Elizabeth Norton from the Disaster Information Management Research Center at the NLM showcased their work in mobile apps and support in terms of disaster health information.  In particular she highlighted the work they have done in Central and South America.  Finally, the talks ended with Julia Royall’s presentation on her and her colleagues work in Africa.  In particular she demonstrated how empowering it can be to provide the tools to local community members so that they can carry out their own projects with mobile technology.  She emphasized the importance of sustainability, practicality, involvement, and demonstrable results in m-health projects.  Her efforts with communities on taking on the challenge of malaria made for an excellent discussion on how to make a lasting impact on global health.  A wonderful program with wonderful presentations, it was a pleasure to attend!