One of the best parts of any MLA conference is connecting with all the attendees.  And if you add good food and atmosphere to the mix: all the better!  The International Cooperation Section was lucky to have many members both national and international attend their Open Forum on starting a job exchange project and the informal Dining Circles.  The Open Forum was attended by representatives from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Austria, Mexico, and many more!  Also attending were many MLA and ICS members who had been on international exchanges of their own or hosted an international guest.  It was wonderful to have everyone’s input on how to start a visiting medical librarian program.  With so many great ideas, it should be much easier to get the project going!

The conversation was extended to the ICS dining circles which were held after the ICS birthday party and the ICS programming.  Everyone got to know each other a little better while listening to Jazz at Bandera and in a 1930′s atmosphere with fresh local food at the Atwood Cafe.  Thank you everyone for attending!  We hope to see you next year!