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NLM Theater presentations in booth #326

Today is the last day that the exhibit hall is open (10am – 3pm) so make sure to visit any exhibitors that you have missed.

Yesterday I attended one of the PubMed Update presentations at the NLM theater in the exhibit hall. Some highlights:

-In the last year daily mobile searches have increased from approximately 175,000 to 430,000!

-Affiliations for all authors are now being collected to allow for disambiguation of authors. Additionally, for those who don’t know what an ORCID iD is, authors are being encouraged to register for a persistent unique identifier. Learn more here:

-PubMed now provides a “rescue search” for failed initial searches which searches all fields.

Aside from the 10:30 NLM update in the grand ballroom, here are the times of the NLM theater presentations today:

10:00 am RDA One Year Later
11:30 am MedlinePlus: Usability, Mobile & Responsive Design
Noon Beau-TOX: TOXNET Gets a Facelift
12:30 pm The ACA, Hospital Community Benefit and Needs Assessment: NLM Resources
1:00 pm NLM Resources & Electronic Health Records: MedlinePlusConnect, RxNorm & UMLS
1:30 pm My NCBI Update: SciENcv & NIH Public Access
2:00 pm PubMed Update
2:30 pm PubMed Health Update


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Into the Looking “Glass”…

How happy was I to start the morning in the Exhibit Hall with a delicious hazelnut latte!  I did promise myself that I would include someting OTHER than food in my morning blogpost so here goes!

I  had the opportunity to visit the CanopyApps booth in the Exhibit Hall to hear about their Medical Translator app which looks to be a very practical resource for point-of-care patient interaction.  Content is provided by a team of physicians and nurses, and is updated regularly according to CanopyApp team.  The app offers both visual and vocal response in a variety of languages and can  customized for different medical specialities.

I was also able to “view” the app using Google Glass!  The CanopyApp team fitted me with the Google “Glasses” and showed me how to use new technology to access this type of information without reaching for a handheld mobile device.  It was truly a fascinating “look” into the future of information dissemination!



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ClinicalAccess: Targeted Answers. Better Patient Care.

The new kid on the point-of-care (POC) block is McGraw Hill’s ClinicalAccess which is making a debut at the MLA conference this year. If you’re interested in seeing a demo of the new product there are three remaining demos left: 2pm and 4pm today, and 11am on Tuesday. I spoke with a representative who gave me a short demo and conveyed a few facts about the resource: ClinicalAccess contains answers to 120,000+ clinical questions which are written by doctors. The tool is designed for doctors and med students to use at the point of care. As expected, most of the answers are sourced from McGraw-Hill content and the company is working on being able to link out directly to the cited source. For example, if Harrison’s is listed as reference for one of the writeups, then you will be launched directly into that chapter or chapter section.

The McGraw-Hill booth.

The McGraw-Hill booth.


The remaining ClinicalAccess are taking place at 2pm and 4pm today and 11am on Tuesday.

The remaining ClinicalAccess demonstrations are taking place at 2pm and 4pm Monday afternoon and 11am on Tuesday.

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First time exhibitor: Journal of Medical Insight (JoMi)

Good morning medlibs!

Have you heard about the Journal of Medical Insight (JoMi)? If not, and you’re interested in learning about a new video journal then stop by booth #735  or for those who are participating in the MLA conference remotely, visit the website at

Cecilia Vernes is Head of Library Relations and is very friendly.

Cecilia Vernes is Head of Library Relations and is very friendly.

The journal was soft launched in March 2014 and as per their handout, “publishes cutting-edge procedures performed by surgical thought leaders, along the more common procedures as defined by surgical volume data.” The content is currently focused on orthopedics and general surgery, although they have plans to expand into all surgical fields including urology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and obstetrics and gynecology.

JoMi is offering early adopter subscriptions so check them out if you're interested in a surgical video journal.

JoMi is offering early adopter subscriptions so check them out if you’re interested in a surgical video journal.

For those on twitter, you can add Dr. Robert Dolan, Editor in Chief, @EditorJoMI.

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Enticements in the Exhibit Hall

I arrived in Chicago Sunday afternoon for MLA14 all geared up and ready for a stimulating experience.  The Exhibit Hall never disappoints. In fact, a stroll down the many aisles is much like a visit to Costco when all of the samples are out for the tasting!  My senses were immediately presented with a dizzying array of electronic resources, new technological products and  badge scanners.  VisualDX scanned my badge and provided me with a “blinkie” bracelet – and promised an Amazon gift card if they saw me wandering the halls with my bracelet turned on. Sage scanned my badge and offered a spin on their prize wheel.  McGraw Hill Medicine has a massage table set up to relieve aching joints. I was treated to product demos at the Wolters Kluwer booth while munching on snacks.  NEJM has bright red ball caps to those who stop by for a chat.  I have amassed quite a collection of phone chargers, reusable bags, pens and earbuds.  I also had time to stop in the MLA scholarship booth to pick up a business card case that I have had my eye on and make a donation to a good cause.

Wait, have I mentioned the food?  Having missed lunch, I was an easy mark for the vendors offering mini m&m candies, jelly beans, Chicago’s famous Garrett’s popcorn and chocolate – dipped cheesecake on a stick!  I have posted pictures of these treats in a separate entry.

Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!






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A Stroll Through the Exhibit Hall!

Wolters Kluwer - Sami Hero & John SchwartzDan Burke - McGraw Hill MedicalDanielle Linden sampling the goods!

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Opening of the Hall of Exhibits and Welcome Reception

Good morning medical librarians!

Last night from 5:30pm until 7:30pm the exhibit hall was filled with fellow medical librarians and exhibitors for the Welcome Reception and Opening of the Hall of Exhibits. As one of your 2014 Exhibit correspondents, I will focus this post mainly on the exhibit aspect of the Welcome Reception rather than the social aspect, although it was clear there was much socializing happening last night.

Word from the exhibitors has it that the reception was very well-attended and exhibitors received an impressive amount of traffic. Aside from the expected crowds near the food and wine stations, the largest crowds appeared around the Wolters Kluwer prize wheel (Wolters Kluwer booth #s are 522, 622, 626, and 628) the National Library of Medicine (NLM) booth (#326), and the McGraw-Hill booth (#532) due to the buzz surrounding the new ClinicalAccess resource. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the McGraw-Hill booth!

As I walked around the exhibit hall I noticed several individuals wearing brightly-colored construction hats which are being worn by friendly members of the National Program Committee (NPC) and the Local Assistance Committee (LAC), to reflect the building theme of this conference “Building our Information Future”.

Be sure to thank the NPC and LAC members for all of their planning efforts for this year’s conference

Be sure to thank the NPC and LAC members for all of their planning efforts for this year’s conference

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about NLM (booth # 326) theater sessions, but first I encourage you to pick up a hot freebie before they run out:

Nifty History of Medicine Division drink coasters from NLM

Nifty History of Medicine Division drink coasters from NLM

And finally, be sure to stop by booth #522 to visit “ MLA’ 15 Austin, TX” to pick up brochures about Austin as well a cute guitar pin and learn about the upcoming 2015 “Librarians without Limits” conference.

MLA'15 in Austin, TX

MLA’15 in Austin, TX

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