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3rd Annual MLA Veggie Meet-Up on Monday

It’s that time again, time for the unofficial MLA veggie meet-up! This will be the 3rd annual veggie meet-up at MLA!

Date: Sunday May 18th Monday May 19th
Time: 12:00 CT
Where: Meet at convention center near MLA registration at 12:00 CT
Restaurant: Native Foods Cafe

Are you attending MLA in Chicago? Are you vegan or vegetarian? Or do you just love good food?

This year, due to its’ close proximity, we will be dining at Native Foods Cafe!

The restaurant is about a mile walk from the hotel. Or you can take public transit.

Remember Monday, May 19th at 12:00 central time at the convention center near MLA registration.

I’m also probably going to try out a few other places… like Do Rite Donuts for breakfast. So if you are interested in some other side trips let me know in the comments. I look forward to seeing everyone at MLA and the chance to chow down on some good veggie food!

*Note this is a meet-up invite and not sponsored by a vendor … which means no free food or drinks. Again, maybe next year? ;)

[Thanks to Alisha Miles for allowing us to copy and adapt her post here.]

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A Library Student at MLA ’14 – Pacing Myself

I have heard several of my medical librarian colleagues commenting on how it is necessary to pace yourself when attending the MLA Conference.

Yesterday I felt like I jumped into the deep end of the pool with a sink-or-swim attitude.  Today was no different, but I am learning to take the time to enjoy being here, while not being in a frenzy.  There is so much to see and do on the MLA Schedule and in Chicago, that it is tempting to try to do it all, see it all and understand it all.  Not possible.

Here’s my rule of thumb: when all three of your mobile devices shut down you should probably lie down too and take a rest while they are recharging.

When you wake up ask yourself what is possible to accomplish during MLA 14?  Here’s what I’m doing: making some connections, having some conversations, taking notes on Google Docs, gathering business cards and emails, and stopping by interesting Chicago places, if only for a moment.

Here’s my list of things that I’ve enjoyed so far, starting with a few tips on Chicago:

Food: I love Indian food and had a great lunch buffet at Gaylord Fine Indian Cuisine about a 20 minute walk north on Michigan Avenue at Walton Street.  The food was well done and there were plenty of vegetarian options.  About 10 people waited on me, but the buffet was only $13.95.  For dessert they had the best gulab jamun I have ever tasted.

Sightseeing:  My nephew who lives here in downtown Chicago said that if you want to view the city from the Hancock Tower, it is a better deal to go to the Signature Lounge on the 95th floor and buy a $10 drink than to pay the same money to go to the observation deck.  We went there last night and the views were awesome, as well as the Tanqueray and tonic!

If you find yourself up by Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine for a hands on CE class, stop by the Museum of Contemporary Art, just across the street.  Right now they have an exhibit of Zachary Cahill’s work which explores the “implications of art as a therapeutic exercise.”  I enjoyed a 30 minute art therapy session after my CE class this morning.

CE Courses:  Technology was the theme of my continuing education courses today.  At 7 am a group of MLA attendees gathered in the lobby and walked about 12 blocks (20 minutes) north along Michigan Avenue (not stopping to shop) to Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine.  There I attended CE202: Breaking an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System: a sandbox workshop by PJ Grier from NNLM/SEA.  Once again I was overwhelmed with excellent and idea-provoking information.  Wireless and personalized medicine (a la Dr. Eric Topol)?  The necessity of the librarian to advocate for a defined role in the Electronic Health Record? Meaningful Use 1, 2 and 3? HIMSS? Health Level Seven?  Took notes so I can read up on all this fascinating and important information!!!  Not to mention taking some time to explore a freely available sample EHR system in Practice Fusion.

Then a quick walk back to the Hyatt for CE501-Information at Your Fingertips: Tablet Technology by Emily Hurst of NNLM/SCR.  I did not know about all the mobile sites and mobile apps that the NLM makes available for us: Also going to spend some time looking at Bloomin’ Apps (iPad Apps to support Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy) and the Padagogy Wheel which “shows teachers that the pedagogy should drive the technology and not the other way around.”

So that is why I am now resting and reflecting on the day, while everything recharges.  (Good thing my Chromebook can recharge while I type!)  My second day at MLA ’14 is in the books, and I paced myself – didn’t go back for seconds at the Indian buffet – and satisfied myself with taking notes, knowing that I’ll have time when I get home to review it all at leisure.  Now, let me check my devices to see if they’re recharged yet . . .



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A Library Student at MLA ’14 – Jumping into the Deep End!

Hello, I am Don Pearson from Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library in Columbus, Ohio and I am blogging about the MLA ’14 from a Library Student Perspective.  I am just beginning the MLIS program at Kent State University, although I have been working in libraries for several years, and with computers for much longer.  Coming to this conference for the first time seems quite overwhelming, just as it is coming from Columbus, Ohio to big city Chicago.

My traveling companions and I arrived by car last night (Thursday) and experienced a very quick and painless parking and check-in experience at the Hyatt.  It is very large, beautiful, and modern. In fact, the MLA venue this year, the Hyatt Regency Chicago, with 2019 guest rooms is the largest hotel in Chicago (according to Chicago Business).  My companions and I marveled at the huge number of buttons in the elevator as we headed to our room on the 14th floor.  I realized that I hadn’t been in a building over 10 stories in more than a year.  But we’re OK, we parked our car, found our room, got some food and a good nights rest.

Speaking of food here are some good places we found last night and this morning.  All are within 2 blocks of the hotel.  Bockwinkel’s for groceries is right behind the hotel. Giordanos Pizza at 135 E. Lake Street is about 2 blocks away and really satisfied the need for Chicago deep dish.  The Corner Bakery at Michigan and Wacker  had great coffee and Apple Hand Pie.

I think from the beginning the theme of this conference for me is that I feel like I’ve jumped into the deep end of the pool.  Big city, big hotel, big conference, big ideas and lots of learning to do.  But so far so good and so far I’ve come up swimming.  I’m taking my lunch break on Friday to write this, while I think about statistics.  I’m in the middle of CE700 – Statistical Literacy for Medical Librarians: Swimming in a Sea of Conflicting Medical Claims.  I know less about research statistics than I know about medical librarianship, but I’m glad I took this class.  Even though much of this is going over my head, I was reassured by Steve Simon, one of the presenters, who said,

“The one who knows the least benefits the most from my class. You will learn more than anyone else.”

That is certainly true for me and I’ll hang on to this quote as a memento from this conference.  Even though I jumped into the deep end by even coming here, because I’m starting from zero, I think I will learn more than anyone else!



Dine-Around Chicago!

MLA conference attendees who will be arriving in Chicago on Thursday, May 15 or Friday, May 16 are invited to join us for a Dine-Around. A Dine-Around is a casual dining experience with fellow MLA Conference attendees who want to enjoy a nice meal and interesting conversation. We have made reservations for groups of 8 (including the host) at several local restaurants. To sign up for a Dine-Around, visit the Hospitality Booth (across from the registration desk in the Hyatt). Hospitality Booth hours are 4:00-7:00 PM on Thursday and 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM on Friday. Signup sheets with the restaurant and the assigned host’s name will be available there.

All reservations are for 7:00 PM. Restaurants are within walking distance of the Hyatt, except for Greek Islands which is a short cab ride away. Diners should meet the hosts in the Hospitality Booth area at 6:30 PM; groups will walk/cab together to the restaurants. For more information on the menus and locations, please consult the list below.

For other dining options, don’t forget to consult the MLA ’14 Restaurant Guide:

Thursday Dine-Arounds

Friday Dine-Arounds:

[Thanks to Andrea Twiss-Brooks for providing this information!]

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Guest Post by Chris Schmit – Navigating a New City

Thank you to Chris Schmit from Loyola University Health Sciences Library! This is a great post on navigating a new city. 

Navigating a New City

Visiting a new city can be overwhelming at times. It can be tempting to just sit back in your hotel room and order some room service or head down to the hotel restaurant. But I encourage you to venture out into the city and try some of the great dining options that Chicago has to offer. In order to help you find some hidden gems in addition to well-known establishments, I will be highlighting some fantastic tools to use in order to make your stay in Chicago more pleasant, and to keep your stomach full of local eats. The majority of the tools that I am highlighting are available to you both in a smartphone format and by using a computer.


Once you have figured out where you’d like to go for food, you’ll need to figure out how to get there. If you are driving, walking or taking public transportation, Google maps/Apple maps is a must. Just enter your start and end points and choose the method that you will be using. If you don’t have a smartphone, use a computer to get the basics of how you will get to your destination and make note of the major street names. If you have a smartphone and are walking, I recommend using your headphones and allowing the app to direct you with audio directions.

If you’d prefer to take a taxi to your destination and you have a smartphone, the über app will be very convenient. You can just type in your destination’s address, and the app will use your smartphone’s location to dispatch a car to you. The fare and tip will all be paid via the app (using a credit card). For more information, check out Uber’s website:

You can also use a local taxi company like Yellow Cab 312-TAXICAB or use the app they support called Taxi Magic.

Food & Events

Now that you have your transportation in order, time to find where you are going to eat. If you have a smartphone, many of these apps will send the address to your smartphone’s maps app, which will make your travels much easier. Don’t forget to take a look at the online map of the recommended restaurants located here:

Yelp is a website/app to use to find a spot to eat at when I am visiting a new city, or just want to try a new place in a familiar neighborhood. No matter what kind of food you’d like to eat or for what price, you will be able to find a restaurant using yelp. Definitely look through the reviews to see what people have recommended to order (or avoid) at a particular place. Also, check the hours listed on the restaurants page to be sure they are open when you visit.

foursquare is also a great place to check for local places to visit. In addition to finding great places to eat, foursquare will also have information on other items of interest like events, entertainment and shopping. Just like Yelp, Foursquare is very customizable. You can filter results based on distance, food type, and price. It also contains information about the hours of a location.

If you don’t want to venture out, you can use grubhub to order food for delivery (or pickup if you still want to go out). Similar to the other sites/apps, you can filter your results based on cuisine type, delivery options or takeout. Many of the restaurants featured on grubhub will also list their most ordered items to let you know what others have been eating.

If you are heading to a spot that seems trendy or you have a bigger group, use opentable to reserve a table ahead of time so you won’t have to wait. You can specify the time you’d like to eat and the size of your party and opentable will show you restaurants that have availability. Some will even offer discounts to lure you to their establishment and ensure they have a full house.

Finally, if you’d like to view the menu of a restaurant before visiting, or just to help you decide, Menupages is a must visit. You can either use the cuisines listed or click on a neighborhood/area to see what is available for you.


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Join us for good food and conversation at the ICS Dining Circles!

The International Cooperation Section would like to invite you to join us for fine dining, drinks, and conversation at our Dining Circles!  All restaurants are within a 15 minute walk or a 2 minute cab ride from the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel.

Join us after the International Visitors Reception and Library School Reunions on Sunday, May 18th for conversation and dining at Bandera. We will meet at 7:15 pm in the lobby of the hotel to walk (or ride depending on the weather and ability!) to Bandera for dining on upscale American fare with the not-to-be-missed experience of Chicago live Jazz to get the flow of conversation going.  If you are planning on attending and want to sit together with the larger group, please RSVP to Martha Knuth at by at least 6pm on Sunday May 18th.  If you want to play it by ear, that is fine too, but please let Martha know so she can put in a later reservation for you!

On Monday, May 19th please join us after the ICS Section Program “M-Health and Information Innovations: Making an Impact in Global Health” for lunch at the Atwood Café at noon.  The Atwood Café specializes in a tasty twist on American cuisine and is located in the historic Reliance Building built in 1895.  Please RSVP to Martha Knuth at if you are interested in attending.  We will leave directly after the ICS Section Program and would love to see you there.

For more information, menus, and directions:

Sunday May, 18th

  • We will meet in the lobby of the hotel at 7:15 pm to walk over
  • Please RSVP to Martha Knuth at or (586) 480-6849 if you would like to sit at the same table with the larger group.  If the weather is nice, there is also an outdoor mingling area.

535 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Google Map

Monday, May 19th

  • We will leave directly after the ICS Section Program “M-Health and Information Innovations: Making an Impact in Global Health”
  • Please RSVP to Martha Knuth at or (586) 480-6849

The Atwood Café
1 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60602

Google Map

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