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Introducing MLA/ICS International Job Exchange Program

Interested in learning medical librarianship from a different cultural perspective, either through first-hand experience or through interaction with a visiting librarian from another country?   If so,  the MLA/ICS International Job Exchange program is for you!   This program is administered by the MLA International Cooperation Section (ICS) in collaboration with international medical library associations that have a bilateral agreement with the MLA.

In May 2010, the MLA Board approved a motion allowing the ICS to establish a job exchange program with the Korean Medical Library Association. In the fall of 2013, the scope of the program was expanded to allow for partnering with any medical library associations that have a bilateral agreement with the MLA.

The program exists to enable medical librarians and their institutions to provide the best information and services possible to medical professionals and health consumers globally. By facilitating a job exchange, MLA hopes to foster international cooperation, communications, awareness, exchange of ideas, and professional excellence.

For program participation, please see   Please send questions and comments to

To learn more, please attend the Open Forum at MLA2014 in Chicago:

“Introducing MLA International Job Exchange Program”
Tuesday, May 20 from 3:30-4:25 pm

Room: Columbus GH, Gold Level, East Tower

Please bring your questions and suggestions!

Organized by the MLA/ICS International Job Exchange Task Force


MLA 2014 Resume Clinic

The resume clinic at MLA ’14 can help improve and enhance your resume so that your best qualities and content shine through. Don’t miss this opportunity to have fresh eyes review your resume and/or cover letter. Each member will have fifteen to twenty minutes with an experienced and skilled librarian reviewer, who will critique and offer tips and advice.

Documents should be sent to Amy Blevins ( by May 9. Volunteer to review resumes or sign up to have your resume reviewed.

If you can’t make it to MLA ’14, you can find a list of MLA members who are happy to mentor others regarding resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Log into the Members Area, select the membership directory, and select “Willing to mentor those needing help with resumes, cover letters, job interviews” from the “Mentoring Capacity” drop box. You can also select a state if you would like to talk to someone in your region.

This is a wonderful event and much appreciated by all who attend. One of last year’s attendees commented “This was a wonderful service! I very much appreciated the opportunity for my resume to be critiqued/reviewed. I found all suggestions/revisions very helpful. Thank you for providing this!!”

Please feel free to share information about this event with your new and experienced colleagues.

[Thanks to Amy Blevins for providing this information!]

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