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Monday and Tuesday Sunrise Seminars Review

There is always a day at MLA when it all gets away from me. I get so caught up in the paper sessions, visiting posters, and meeting with vendors that I forget to blog. Monday was that day for me this year. So I apologize for not getting you an early morning preview. But I did attend two awesome Sunrise Seminars.

On Monday I attended Swets’s Coffee Talk which was focused on patient-centered care. As a clinical librarian, I’m always looking for new ways to get involved indirectly with patient care so this was clearly of interest to me. It turned out to be an awesome session because Swets was interested in hearing what we had to say for once. They did share some information about their products but they really wanted to know what we thought and how we could apply it in our institution. I’ve never been asked to really give feedback like that and I really appreciated it. They also gave out Starbucks gift cards to those of us who were able to contribute to the conversation at 7:00 AM. I thought that was a nice touch. There was a huge breakfast spread which I also really appreciated. Note to vendors: it’s the little things that matter to us – asking us questions, giving us participation gifts, and providing us with terrific breakfasts. :)

The conversation was very good and lots of different sorts of librarians had lots to contribute. I got a couple of great ideas for new ways to get involved in patient care, how to better incorporate myself into IT, and I was very interested in how Swets was helping librarians with their statistics and usage so we can better present it to those that make the decisions and give us money. Overall, I was glad this was the Sunrise Seminar I chose to attend and it was definitely worth getting up so early.

Tuesday I joined pretty much everyone else at the Cochrane Sunrise Seminar. The seminar was presented by a librarian who doesn’t work for Cochrane (although she had in the past). I enjoy hearing from librarians at these sorts of things because I know that the information I’m getting is relevant and not just a sales pitch. I guess Wiley doesn’t really need to pitch Cochrane since it’s so popular as demonstrated by the huge attendance.

I was most interested in Cochrane’s Journal Club. It’s apparently been around for awhile, but since I only just got involved in my hospital’s Internal Medicine residency program’s journal club, I had never heard about it. I think looking at a Cochrane review would be a nice change of pace, plus Cochrane has already put together lots of information like PowerPoint slides, discussion questions, and a podcast. That’s way more than what our normal journal club discussions include, so I’m sure our chief residents and program director will like this idea since it will take some of the burden off of them. I love being able to take ideas like this home and I’m looking forward to sharing this idea.

If you attended any of the Sunrise Seminars on Monday or Tuesday, what did you think? Please share in the comments!

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Sunday Morning Review and Monday Preview

I hope you had a chance to attend one (or more!) of the wonderful morning activities today. I attended the New Members Breakfast to meet up with my Colleague Connection mentee. What a great turnout! I really enjoyed meeting so many new members and it sounded like everyone was really excited for the meeting.

The planners organized a really great networking event during the breakfast – a “2 minute mingle”. It was a great way to meet lots of people. While mostly I talked to new members and first time MLA attendees, it was nice to talk to other members and to catch up with friends.

The schedule shows lots of great learning opportunities for early Monday morning. Here’s a preview of what’s coming up. Unless otherwise stated, all of these events take place from 7-8:55 in the specified room on the Gold Level of the East Tower.

Sections, SIGs, and Chapter Meetings:
Health Association Libraries Section (HALS) – New Orleans, Gold Level, West Tower
Veterinary Medical Libraries Section Business Meeting – Columbus GH

Sunrise Seminars:
American Psychological Association Sunrise Seminar – Columbus AB
Coffee Talk: How to Enable Patient-Centered Care (sponsored by Swets)- Columbus CD
Embase: Current, Comprehensive, and Colorful – Columbus IJ
Nursing Reference Center Plus – Columbus EF
Secrets of Successful Rollouts (sponsored by Ovid)- Acapulco, Gold Level, West Tower

Other Events:
bepress Digital Commons Community Meeting – Columbian, Bronze Level, West Tower
Books Panel – 8:00-8:55, Atlanta, Gold Level, West Tower


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Rise and Shine!

Good morning MLAers!  I hope everyone is looking forward to their first official day.  As your early riser blogger, it’s my job to make sure you know what is happening in the mornings.  I’ve done this morning blogging gig a couple of years now, so I hope to impart my wisdom of early morning MLA activities on you.  My plan is to share my own experiences at various morning activities as well as to preview the upcoming events.

So let’s take a look at what is coming up bright and early Sunday morning!  Unless otherwise noted, all of these events take place from 7:00-8:55 in the rooms listed which are located on the Gold Level of the West Tower.

Section, Chapter, and SIG Meetings:

Federal Libraries Section Business Meeting – Hong Kong Room
Informationist SIG Business Meeting – Gold Coast Room
New York-New Jersey Chapter Meeting – San Fransisco Room
Pharmacy and Drug Information Section Business Meeting -  Water Tower Room, Bronze Level, West Tower
International Cooperation Section Business Meeting – 7:30-8:55, Toronto Room

Sunrise Seminars:

Quality vs. Evidence vs. Research vs. Innovation: Embracing All Types of Clinical Inquiry – Acapulco Room
Seven Things Librarians Forget When Choosing an Integrated Library System (ILS) – Columbus AB Room

Other Events:

New Members/First Time Attendees Breakfast – Regency CD Room (must have ticket to attend)
Sunrise Yoga – Buckingham Room, Bronze Level, West Tower


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