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3rd Annual MLA Veggie Meet-Up on Monday

It’s that time again, time for the unofficial MLA veggie meet-up! This will be the 3rd annual veggie meet-up at MLA!

Date: Sunday May 18th Monday May 19th
Time: 12:00 CT
Where: Meet at convention center near MLA registration at 12:00 CT
Restaurant: Native Foods Cafe

Are you attending MLA in Chicago? Are you vegan or vegetarian? Or do you just love good food?

This year, due to its’ close proximity, we will be dining at Native Foods Cafe!

The restaurant is about a mile walk from the hotel. Or you can take public transit.

Remember Monday, May 19th at 12:00 central time at the convention center near MLA registration.

I’m also probably going to try out a few other places… like Do Rite Donuts for breakfast. So if you are interested in some other side trips let me know in the comments. I look forward to seeing everyone at MLA and the chance to chow down on some good veggie food!

*Note this is a meet-up invite and not sponsored by a vendor … which means no free food or drinks. Again, maybe next year? ;)

[Thanks to Alisha Miles for allowing us to copy and adapt her post here.]

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Seeing Old Friends and Meeting New Ones

I set 3 goals for myself to achieve each year when I attend the Annual Meeting of MLA. Goal 1 is to see old friends. Goal 2 is to make new acquaintances and goal 3 is to pick up new pearls of wisdom. Today, I worked on Goals 1 and 2. I have been coming to MLA since 1976 just missing 1977, 1978 and 1979 giving me a very long list of wonderful MLA friends and acquaintances. I hugged alot of people today and shook lots of hands. I met Megan Rosenbloom today and saw Kristin Hitchcock today for the first time at Section Council. Two very impressive people. Also, it was my pleasure to meet my Colleague Connection, Rachel Hebling from Montana and tour the exhibit hall with her and another new MLA member, Linda Paulls. Two impressive new MLA members. I am working on Goal 3. I made an appointment to look at Clinical Key more closely. I picked up the NLM infosessions schedule in the exhibit hall. If you have not already set personal goals and objectives for a successful MLA meeting, it is not too late, as the real programming begins tomorrow. I wish you all a very successful meeting.

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Play a Game, Meet New People, Win!

Are you a natural at introducing yourself to new people at MLA? Or do you need tricks and goals to make yourself reach out? This year, you can meet new people by playing a game!

Discussion by the Thursday night #medlibs chat group on Twitter has led to the creation of a Bingo-type game in which you will mark off squares by introducing yourself to people!

Attendees will get Bingo cards and seek out the people on their cards. Those people sign will off when they’ve met. If you sign up to participate, your name will be on the Bingo cards and you will sought out by members old and new.

Although the idea originated via Twitter, it’s not restricted to users of the social network. If you don’t have a Twitter account and don’t want to create one, just enter your real name – you can play at MLA regardless.

Sign up to participate and have people seeking you out by adding your Twitter or real name to this Google form.

Cards will be distributed by Marie Ascher (@mascher) at the Welcome Reception & New Members Breakfast. Beth Whipple (@beffuh) will also have cards.

The deadline for signing up to participate is midnight on Monday, May 12. We hear there might even be prizes. :)

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Enhance your MLA 2014 conference experience through Colleague Connection!

Colleague Connection is MLA’s mentoring program that pairs newer members or first-time meeting attendees with returning, more experienced members during the annual meeting. The purpose of Colleague Connection is to introduce new attendees to the association and help them get the most out of the MLA annual meeting. Initial contacts made through Colleague Connection can lead to lifelong friendships with your peers and increase your professional network.

Don’t be left out – sign up as a mentee or mentor today!

If you are a new member or first time conference attendee, consider pairing up with an experienced colleague at the meeting in Chicago! Colleague Connection allows you to have your questions about the conference answered, maximize your time, choose the best programs and meetings to attend, meet new colleagues, build your professional network, and discuss new ideas.

Returning members benefit from Colleague Connection, too! Mentoring a colleague during the conference can expand your professional network, expose you to new ideas, and help you see the conference from a fresh perspective. In addition, you will get the satisfaction of helping someone – there’s no greater reward than that!

Mentees and Mentors should register here:

Those who sign up by Monday, May 5th will be guaranteed to receive their mentor or mentee before leaving for the meeting. Once assigned, each pair of colleagues will be responsible for working out times to meet and connect.

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Norton (, 352-273-8419).

[Thanks to Margaret Henderson for providing this information!]

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