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Making the most of MLA: a brief New Members guide

Welcome, new member!

So, this is your first MLA… or maybe your second.  You’ve picked up your badge and are flipping through the program, trying to figure out how to get from one session in the West Tower to the next one in the East.  Right there with you!  So, aside from reading this blog (you’re here, so you already know how much great information there is on here), how do you make the most of this experience?  Here are some brief tips that may help:

  1. Say hello to the people next to you.  Share your interests.  Exchange business cards.  You’re here for more or less the same reason, and you never know who might turn out to be a great mentor, collaborator, and/or friend.
  2. Ditto for the session presenters.  They’d love to know what you are taking away from their presentation.
  3. Ditto for the poster presenters.
  4. Stop.  Go back to 1 through 3.  They bear repeating.
  5. Attend the New Members SIG Business Meeting today (Sunday) at 3:30pm, Columbian Room, Bronze Level, West Tower.  We’d love to meet you and could really use your help in the coming year.
  6. Attend other SIG and/or Section Business Meetings.  Talk to the other members and find a way to get involved.
  7. Take a break every day!  Give yourself some downtime, grab a beverage of choice and recharge your batteries.
  8. Use the #mlanet14 backchannel on Twitter to listen to and take part in conversations about the conference
  9. Use the Healthcare Hashtag Project to get even more out of the backchannel (current feed, top influencers, even a transcript)
  10. Attend at least one social event in the evenings (don’t know about any?  Use the backchannel to ask!)
  11. Keep a conference journal, or at least jot down notes and go over them each evening.  Everything goes by so quickly, this will help you remember the good stuff.
  12. Make a to-do list for yourself for when you get back.  Use the ideas and inspiration you get from being here!
  13. Wander through the exhibits hall.  Thank the vendors for being here.  Take some cool swag.
  14. Start planning for next year’s conference.  Look for calls for posters, presentations, bloggers, etc.  Follow your Sections and SIGs.  Follow up with the people you met.

I’m sure there’s more, but I know the other bloggers have this covered, so scroll on down for more great tips.  Have a fantastic MLA!


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Rise and Shine!

Good morning MLAers!  I hope everyone is looking forward to their first official day.  As your early riser blogger, it’s my job to make sure you know what is happening in the mornings.  I’ve done this morning blogging gig a couple of years now, so I hope to impart my wisdom of early morning MLA activities on you.  My plan is to share my own experiences at various morning activities as well as to preview the upcoming events.

So let’s take a look at what is coming up bright and early Sunday morning!  Unless otherwise noted, all of these events take place from 7:00-8:55 in the rooms listed which are located on the Gold Level of the West Tower.

Section, Chapter, and SIG Meetings:

Federal Libraries Section Business Meeting – Hong Kong Room
Informationist SIG Business Meeting – Gold Coast Room
New York-New Jersey Chapter Meeting – San Fransisco Room
Pharmacy and Drug Information Section Business Meeting -  Water Tower Room, Bronze Level, West Tower
International Cooperation Section Business Meeting – 7:30-8:55, Toronto Room

Sunrise Seminars:

Quality vs. Evidence vs. Research vs. Innovation: Embracing All Types of Clinical Inquiry – Acapulco Room
Seven Things Librarians Forget When Choosing an Integrated Library System (ILS) – Columbus AB Room

Other Events:

New Members/First Time Attendees Breakfast – Regency CD Room (must have ticket to attend)
Sunrise Yoga – Buckingham Room, Bronze Level, West Tower


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#medlibs Chat Tonight Takes on MLA Tips for Newbies

The unofficial Thursday night #medlibs chat on Twitter will address tips for first-time MLA attendees, what experienced attendees can do to welcome new folks, and more.

From this week’s chat description:

Open mic chat
Thursday, May 1, 2014
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

We officially covered Making the Most of MLA 14 in a previous chat so be sure to check out the great resources shared there. However, are you a first time Medical Library Association meeting attendee? A first time in forever attendee? What can we do to be more welcoming to these, students and others who may be overwhelmed by the annual meeting scene in Chicago? Never participated in a #medlibs or other Twitter chat before? Check out this overview and come on in, we’re a supportive community!

It’s also worth checking out the transcript of the April 10th chat, which focused on making the most of MLA ’14.

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